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Jun 21, 2008 01:03 PM

Pan bolillo

Hi - where would be a good place to get the above? Thanks.

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  1. El Gallo Bakery in ELA

    1. This is a bit like asking "where do I get apples in LA"... where in the area are you? There are plenty of deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious panaderias in ELA, the Valley, the SGV, the 562...

      1. There is a place in Boyle Heights on 4th St. across from Smart & Final that has great Mexican sweet bread. I'll try to find the name and address:

        LA Favorita Bakery
        (323) 265-4445

        2305 E 4th St, Los Angeles, CA

        1. Generally I prefer telera rolls to bolillos buuuuuuuuutt...
          I go to my local Northgate market because of their 'whole wheat' bolillos (which taste like 50/50 AP and WW flour).
          Local is always preferable because slightly old bolillos are very boring carbs.

          ximena2080, please tell us where you are so we can call in a Bolillo Strike :-).

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            Sorry, yes my topic was very broad. The better to get a lot of places. I'm in West Hollywood. Will travel for food though.