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Jun 21, 2008 12:31 PM

New Elephant Bar Restaurant, Orlando

DH and I tried Elephant Bar last night. It's in front of Millenia Mall, on the Bloomingdale's end. There's also one in Altamonte Springs.

It was okay, worth trying once, but not stellar. Atmosphere is cool, like a cross between a toned-down Rainforest Cafe and Houston's. Menu is extensive, lots of pub foods plus Pacific Rim selections.

I started with the wedge salad, which has bacon, egg, and your choice of blue cheese or 1000 island dressing. It was a typical wedge salad, but very fresh. My husband started with the Jamaican mojo salad. He said the dressing tasted more like miso than mojo.

I thought about getting the char sui bbq ribs, but decided on the macadamia and panko crusted fish and chips. The fish was mahi, which isn't my favorite, but if you like mahi, they're pretty good. I did love the two sauces it came with - an orange pineapple chili and a cilantro tamarind macadamia sauce. My husband had two huge pork chops in a sweet Hawaiian/Asian sauce with garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. It was fine, the mashed potatoes being the best of his meal. They also had a braised lamb shank that looked good and your typical chicken fettuccine alfredo, variety of burgers, etc.

The drink menu looked interesting, but I'm pregnant so I didn't get to try anything. When I can, I want to go back and try the cherry pina colada. They also had a sake lemon drop and a raspberry mojito.

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  1. I stopped by the Altamonte location a few months ago but refused to wait 2 1/2 hrs for a table. Sounds like an easy place to eat lunch after shopping!

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      I've heard great things about these Elephant Bars but have never had the chance to check one out. For a 2 1/2 hour wait, they must be doing something right. :)

      1. re: RedBlur

        The Millenia one opened more recently and may not be as well known (yet). We went on Friday night at 6:00 and had no wait. The place wasn't even half full.

        Update: Sorry, just realized this was the Chains board and not my local board. You might not care about the Millenia location, lol.

    2. Okay, I originally posted about this restaurant both on Chains and on Florida. I see now that the Florida one got moved to Chains. That really doesn't make sense when the context of this particular one was specific to a Florida location, and I wanted the locals to know about a new restaurant IN TOWN. So what if it's a chain.