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Jun 21, 2008 11:40 AM

cocktail order

what's your go-to drink at a bar?

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  1. Almost always a Gin & Tonic, but that can burn you if their tonic is crappy. At least most places have reasonably good Gin.

    1. Depends on where I am. Usually I order Tanqueray or Tanqueray Ten martini, especially if the bar is in a steakhouse. Sometimes I order gin and tonics. If I'm in a bar at a Mexican restaurant, I order Margaritas. If the bar has a specialty drinks menu, I might order something from that.

      1. Call vodka soda with a splash of cran juice

        1. boilermaker aka a shot and a beer.

          a shot of top shelf tequila(neat), and a bottle of Budweiser is my standard order.

          1. scary bar - dark beer and stick with it throughout the night

            good bar - with some of the guys then a white russian and stay with it the rest of the evening. with my wife then a manhattan and if its a good one then i have some derivations off whiskey as i continue to drink and get to know the bartender. if either are bad i toss it and get a dark beer. i think a white russian and a manhattan are pretty much bartending 101 so they are bad its only going to get worse.