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Jun 21, 2008 11:37 AM

Favorite Restaurant In Denver?

If you could only pick one...

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  1. My favorite is Pint's Pub. The food is good pub grub, but with 250 Whiskys, mostly Scotch, on the menu, who cares about eating? It's definitely my favorite.

    1. I think I'd have to go with Mizuna. Everything I've ever had there has been divine, and the service has been excellent as well. Mmm....lobster mac n' cheese...

        1. Cafe Brazil and Cuba Cuba are my favorites. I've also always considered Le Central a good standby (dinners only, never brunch), as long as I can get a seat on the patio or in one of the back rooms.

          1. Some people are known to sleep around. I am known to eat around. Therefore, I have no single favorite. For fancy, Restaurant Kevin Taylor when it's on its game. For innovative, Vesta Dipping Grill. For Mediaterranean, Rioja. For contemporary mostly American, Fruition. For northern Italian, Panzano. For dim sum, Kings Land (the only one in Denver I've been too, but I really was thrilled). For comfort food, Steuben's. For Colorado tradition, Racine's. For Japanese (not sushi), Domo. For seafood, McCormick's (there's a Jax in Boulder, so that's the one I usually go to).

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