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Jun 21, 2008 11:33 AM

Dune in Margate

Has anyone been this year?
Heard a rumor that ownership changed hands.
Is this true?

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  1. It was one of our favorites last year, have not been there yet this year. According to our sources, (we have several friends in the local restaurant business), the management at Dune is the same, but the chef (Jason) left to work at one of the Steven Starr restaurants at the new Chelsea Hotel in AC. We're kind of waiting to hear some reports before going this year.

    1. Had a wonderful dinner Friday June 20: Oysters, an outstanding small bowl of mussels (which my wife thought were the best she's ever had) with fries, and superb skate. We skipped dessert 'cause we were stuffed. Outstanding food and excellent, expert (attentive, friendly, but unobtrusive) service.

      The only sour note had nothing to do with the competence and excellence of this restaurant: we saw - at a huge table of 10 or 12 in the center - a pregnant woman drinking wine! (Cavit Pinot Grigio)

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        That's good to hear, sounds like the new chef must be good. Skate was often on their menu last year, they always have good oysters. We like to go on thursdays when the raw oysters a 50% off, or at least that was the deal before.

        1. re: CPaul

          I remember reading Craig Laban's glowing review last year and thinking this place sounds really good.
          We need to stop here on the way to see friends in Stone Harbor. Maybe have them come up and meet us as we usually meet at Karen and Rei's which we have enjoyed in the past.

        2. The place is excellent. Jason is there and is an amazing chef. Nick, the owner, runs a great restaurant.... perfect shore town find, byob but not your usual shore town fare. Expect to experience well thought out dishes, that are creative and delicious. No other restaurant in south jersey compares, or even comes close.

          I sent friends there last week and they reported back with rave reviews! the Chelsea restaurants are not opening anytime soon, they are still under construction.

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