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Jun 21, 2008 11:13 AM

Nice dinner in Fort Collins?

Heading into Fort Collins in 2 weeks - looking for a nice dinner option, preferably not a brew pup!

Haven't had the best of luck with food in FC, so thought I'd look to the experts for help :)

Restaurant must be vegetarian friendly, we are open to any type of cuisine.

Thanks :)

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  1. I've only had a couple of meals there myself, so I may be way off. But one of them was at a sushi bar that I really liked, Suehiro. Online reviews are mixed but I thought it was AOK, with creative rolls that aren't abominations.

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    1. re: tatamagouche

      I'll second the rec for Suehiro. We don't eat sushi, but have had some nice meals there. You might also check out Jay's Bistro. Not sure what vegetarian options they have, but you could check out their website.

      1. re: frisbeesage

        I'll throw in a third rec for Suehiro. I've never been disappointed. I also like Austin's.

        1. re: wagger

          For sushi in Ft. Collins I prefer Nimo's in Campus West over Suehiro. It has been a while since I have been at Jay's Bistro but have always enjoyed eating there. I didn't care much for Nico's Catacombs the one time I ate there. I second Silver Diner, but for breakfast or lunch. Another favourite quick and good lunch place is Rasta Pasta. I have eaten once at The Rustic Oven for dinner and enjoyed it.

          1. re: foodflier

            I know there's a Rasta Pasta in Breckenridge but didn't realize there was one in Fort Collins too. Related or coincidence?

    2. Is Nico's Catacombs still open? If so, that would be an institution, and it was always a very solid meal when I was in town.

      Silver Grill, while not fine dining in the least (it is a diner), is really wonderful, and you should make a point to get there while in FC.

      Also would put in a rec for the Pickle Barrel (great sandwiches). They have a veggie sandwich on the menu that everyone loves (but I am not a fan, since it was loaded with mushrooms, which aren't my fave).

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      1. re: Booger

        Going back some years, Nico's was my first thought. Do not know if they are still around, but were always worth the drive up, from Aurora.


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          I thought that Nico's was still there, but their website was disabled last time I looked, so I don't know. I've never eaten there, but it gets mixed reviews from people I know who live or work there.

          1. re: ClaireWalter

            Too many years ago to be relevant today, they were a class act with good food, great service and a wonderful experience.

            Thanks for the update,


      2. Pulcinella, west of downtown on West Drake, is/was a good Italian restaurant with a terrific wine list.

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        1. re: ClaireWalter

          I highly, highly recommend the Plank, a new restaurant in Fort Collins (Old Town) that opened about four weeks ago. Patrick Laguen, the chef-owner-sommelier, is absolutely brilliant. He's been cooking in and around Fort Collins for more than 25 years, produces his own wines and is renowned worldwide for his food and wine pairing seminars. The menu, which is seasonal and culls from local farmers, changes monthly. Groovy space, energetic vibe, lots of verve and just overall fabulous.

          1. re: gastronaughty

            Cool, thanks for the tip...

            I never noticed your little icon or whatever they're called before—nice.

            1. re: gastronaughty

              Patrick Laguens was formerly a chef at Pulcinella's. In fact, Laguens and Pulcinella owner Antonio Race were once partners in a wine bar on West Mountain called Ciao Vino. Not important as far as Plank is concerned, but an interesting side note for Fort Collins foodies.

              1. re: gastronaughty

                Cant find much info on plank yet their website looks to be a work in progress,so if you dont mind me asking what kind of food do they serve and what kind of price range is it ?

                1. re: jwcolo

                  If I had to pin it down, I would say upscale comfort food (artisan pizzas, too) with global influences. As for price range, it's moderate. Patrick is a wonderful guy, immensely down-to-earth, but intensely passionate about food and wine. One of my best friends used to be the pianist at Ciao Vino, which is how I initially met Patrick and while he's been tremendously successful with his wine business and was also a personal chef to one of Colorado's most notable billionaires, he has no ego. And he can cook his ass off.

                  1. re: gastronaughty

                    thanks sounds yummy have to give it a try one of these days for sure !

                    1. re: jwcolo

                      plank sounds about my speed! homemade mac and cheese is our signature dish, so i love to taste test the competitors :) Do you think we need a reservation?

                      1. re: lavendula

                        We've been to Plank 4 times since they opened May 22 - really terrific. Great variety on a small fresh menu - we like to order several items and share them. The pink lady apple salad is out of this world, as are the fish cakes, tiger shrimp, desserts, wine list, etc. etc. Prices are very reasonable for such outstanding goodies, great service and a great time. We'll be back again soon to try the new menu. Don't hesitate to give it a try.

                        1. re: Local Foody

                          Thanks! Would you say it is romantic at all?

            2. The Savoy Brasserie - my favorite in town. Say hello to the owners: Chantal & Jean (very French). website has menus:

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                I'll reply to this to also respond to the above. We used to *love* the Savoy when it was in Berthoud despite occasional and sometimes hilarious execution issues and would love to try it again. Good French food has no substitute.

                As far as Plank goes- I've yet to try but a very good friend, who I would trust with my dining life says it's the best new game in town and he's been 4 or 5 times already. That's enough to get me to give it my blessing <i> in absentia </i>

                1. re: e_bone

                  Yes, Jays Bistro is nice. If you are looking for decent casual restaurants:
                  Thai Pepper- obviously thai, and they will even make papaya salad if you ask. Alsalam- sit on the floor pretty good middle eastern food. Luciles-- awesome cajun breakfast joint (a small chain of restaurants that has it down). The Rainbow Cafe is very very vegetarian friendly and good for breakfast and lunch. JeJu has pretty good sushi and is reasonably priced. Avagadros is a good hippi-ish sandwich joint, and yes the Pickle Barrel is good too. Enjoy your time here!

                  1. re: grubuzz

                    Thanks all! I ended up getting engaged in Fort Collins, missed dinner (haha), and had mostly just champange for dinner! Next time I will try Plank!

                      1. re: jwcolo

                        Just back from several days in Ft. Collins. Based on the recs here, checked out Plank for dinner. Was unimpressed by the menu and the wine list. Both very limited and $90 for a Spinetta Barbera d'alba? WTF? I paid $50 at a Boston restaurant and liked it so much, bought a case at $22 retail. So, I call that highway robbery and walked on over to Jay's Bistro. Much wider variety in both wine and food and am glad I didn't miss eating here. Started with the Lobster Bisque and the Gary Ferrell Pinot Noir (yes pricey at $80, but a beautiful pinot and beats the pants off the Spinetta for less). Bisque was fabulous: creamy, light tomato with lot's of lobster flavor and pieces, and a little peppery finish. I had the beef tournedoes cooked to perfection, melt in your mouth tender. Peppercorn sauce was the only letdown; mediocre and not in the same league as the beef. My friend had the lamb shank and loved it.

                        Went back again and had another filet this time with a jalapeno blackberry sauce and truffled potatoes that was first class through and through. The sauce was sublime; not sweet nor really peppery, just a savory berry flavor with the jalapeno in the background. Couldn't resist the lobster bisque and it was again excellent. Went with friends and everybody raved about their dishes. Tried a friend's boullaibaise and it was also great; lots of seafood, aromatic broth, in balance with the tomatoes. Paired all with a couple of bottles of the Clairborne and Churchill 2006 Edna Valley Pinot Noir and, while not quite as fab as the Ferrell, at half the price it is a great value pinot and hard to find a better wine on the list at that price point. While I do not order creme brulee in restaurants b/c it is rarely great (and so easy to make it great at home), the group wanted to try it. It was one of the best I've had - smooth, silky texture with wonderful vanilla flavor and a perfect top - cracked like a thin pane of glass against the spoon and caramelized just to the point where I swore it tasted of just-browned toasted marshmallow. Vanilla beans on the bottom were a testament to the attention to detail in the kitchen. Service matched the food in all ways - perfectly attentive when needed but never obtrusive.

                        I travel and eat out regularly and this was one of the top 3 restaurants I've been to this year. Hard to imagine there are too many better in Ft. Collins - highly, highly recommended.

                        Only other food was at Coopersmith's where the the chicken fingers appetizer one of the worst I've ever had. Bland breading and fried to almost burnt crust with dry chicken. Oriental sauce was of similar quality. Should have sent it back, but the waitress was nice, the beer was good, and the view even better. Say la vie.

                        1. re: cheauxbaby

                          I live in Fort Collins, and Nico's, The Savoy and Pulcinella's are all closed. I did not like the Plank, but will give it another try. We go to Fish for incredibly fresh seafood, live crab, lobster and the best scallops ever. We also like Jay's, The Asian Chilie House, East Moon, Melting Pot, Star of India, of course, the Margaritas at the Rio, Canyon steak House is very nice, and Charco Broiler always reliable (sort of old Fort Collins). Nico's has become Sunny Lubicks
                          's Steak House ( all new owners) and is delicious. Lots of good eating here if you try some of the less obvious places like Mount Everest and Pho Douy and Youngs and Nimo's for Sushi. Have fun.

                          1. re: maribarn

                            I hope Pulcinella can revive. The original was such a terrific old-school Italian eatery, opera and all.

                          2. re: cheauxbaby

                            La Spinetta makes several wines, the one at Plank is from a specific vineyard and is named "Gallina" the 2004 retails for $40-$50. I have ordered it and its absolutely delicious. Check your facts. WTF highway slander!!

                2. Another Fish lover!
                  Canyon Chop House
                  Domenic's (butternut squash ravoili with mushroom cream sauce)
                  Moot House

                  New place next to Thai Pepper, Ti, is trendy and has the same menu but with more "tipas". We will try it one day. Also on my list, Rodizio Grill, Plank, Rustic Oven, LuLu Asian Bistro, Bann Thai... that little Mexican empanada place on Laurel.

                  Some of my favorite places in town might not have a fine dining atmosphere but the food is delish and owner's local.
                  Mt. Everest Cafe (eggplant curry!!!)
                  2mayto 2mayo- in the Campus West gas station (Bake-n-Shark that is outta this world, doubles, pumpkins soup and other delights of Trinidad and Tobago).

                  My favorite special breakfast place is Lucille's. Cafe Bluebird is another fav.
                  Happy Eating! :)CW