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Jun 21, 2008 10:24 AM

Good road food between Raleigh and Sunset Beach?

Hey there -- I'm driving down to Sunset Beach with friends tomorrow. Do y'all have any recommendations for some good road food along the way? The last time I headed that direction, we headed across the tobacco fields and hit Grady's Barbecue (ok 'cue, and the Grady's are the nicest people ever, but I still prefer Allen & Sons). It doesn't have to be barbecue; good chicken, sammies, what-have-you. Any thoughts?

P.S. Feel free to share links to past threads!

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  1. We go to Sunset every summer and like to stop at Elijah's on the river in Wilmington on the way down It's only a slight detour and it's nice to sit by the water and have lunch there. On the return trip it's usually Smithfield's BBQ in Warsaw on NC 24 right off of I 40. Definitely not Allen & Sons but passable Q. If some other hounds have some better options off of I 40 or US 17 between Wilmington and Sunset let's hear about 'em.

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      As an alternative to Smithfield's, you might consider Stephenson's BBQ off of the McGee's Crossroad exit. It's not very far outside of Raleigh so not really like a mid-way stop or anything but we always take advantage of passing that way to stop in and get some very good cue as well as pick up some unheated cue to go to take to the beach for sandwiches later in the week.

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        I always tell people to try the Meadow Village Restaurant. Going south on 40 exit at tth Meadow exit (334)? Turn right and it is about a mile at a cross street. Country cooking buffet, always good choices. Lots of people also take away cakes and pies for their beach trip.

    2. Thanks, y'all! This is really helpful -- I missed this on the way up, but it will be nice for going back on Thursday.