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Jun 21, 2008 09:39 AM

Best Chicken wings East of Yonge st in the GTA?

Can anyone give me some advise on really good meaty /Saucy chicken wings in Toronto area preferbly east of yonge far as Pickering,cause really hard to find,Been going to a place called Georgie Porgies for a fair bit mon/Tues,half price wings,there really good BBQ suaced,not a fan of there hot ones,but a hit or miss on the hot wing,Like wide selection of flavored wings,but hard to judge hot to medium,causew no one uses a rating system anymore,had Duffs Famous,they did nothing for me.
Very Picky wing Eater I am,lol
Rob A

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  1. Duffs did nothing for you? I am not sure you are going to do much better... some people here swear by St. Louis but for me that just doesn't do it. What didn't you like about Duffs?

    1. some people swear by duff's and st louis, but i swear at them.

      st louis wings are small and they taste strange. i only eat there when the boys want to go out for wings and beer and we only get one of their specials.

      duff's wings are quite nice size-wise. their hot honey garlic wings are great and have a small kick to them. great until they cool down and get gluey.
      their hot wings are way to vinegary for most people's liking.

      my favourite? Congee Star on Don Mills and Wynford. taste amazing when you get it with the spicey stuff with it (not the fish oil)

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        Duff's can be inconsistent especially on Tuesdays because they have to parcook a ton of wings. Often 3 out of 10 are absolutely petrified after refrying. I always send the bad ones back. Try getting the wings plain with sauce on the side. They stay hot and crispy a lot longer and you can mix and match sauces if you are with friends. I sometimes take a few bottles of my own sauce like Nando's Garlic, Tabasco Jalapeno etc.

        I am no fan of St Louis. Don't like the taste, the price or needing a magnifying glass to find them.

      2. I've heard many people rave about the Tara Inn in Scarborough, there are two of them and I believe it's the smaller one (the wee Tara) that they like better.

        The Fossil and Haggis in Scarborough does a good job at wings as well, I have been impressed with their size and flavour. They don't have tons of flavours just the usual mild medium, hot, suicide IIRC. I get the hottest ones and they aren't overly spicy. For comparison, I usually get medium at Duffs in Buffalo.

        There's All Star wings and Wild Wings which go into crazy flavours if you're into that, both have 75 to 100 flavours. I'm pretty sure All Star breads their wings first which I wasn't crazy about. The wings were large and meaty but my peeve is that they don't tell you what the name of each wing equates to flavour wise. Example: what does Pandora's Box taste like? *snicker*

        A friend of mine got an assortment of wings from Wild Wing for the Super Bowl. They were good, saucy and meaty but pretty expensive for takeout.

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          1. Not the GTA, but, by far the best wings I've ever had in Ontario are from "Wings Up!" in Milton.

            They've got tons of awards, and their sauces are so unbelievably good you will probably be licking the box after the wings are all gone.

            Their "dusted chicken sandwich" is only $5 and a good way to sample the various wing flavors since they toss the chicken sandwich in wing sauce before serving.