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Best Chicken wings East of Yonge st in the GTA?

Can anyone give me some advise on really good meaty /Saucy chicken wings in Toronto area preferbly east of yonge St.as far as Pickering,cause really hard to find,Been going to a place called Georgie Porgies for a fair bit mon/Tues,half price wings,there really good BBQ suaced,not a fan of there hot ones,but a hit or miss on the hot wing,Like wide selection of flavored wings,but hard to judge hot to medium,causew no one uses a rating system anymore,had Duffs Famous,they did nothing for me.
Very Picky wing Eater I am,lol
Rob A

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  1. Duffs did nothing for you? I am not sure you are going to do much better... some people here swear by St. Louis but for me that just doesn't do it. What didn't you like about Duffs?

    1. some people swear by duff's and st louis, but i swear at them.

      st louis wings are small and they taste strange. i only eat there when the boys want to go out for wings and beer and we only get one of their specials.

      duff's wings are quite nice size-wise. their hot honey garlic wings are great and have a small kick to them. great until they cool down and get gluey.
      their hot wings are way to vinegary for most people's liking.

      my favourite? Congee Star on Don Mills and Wynford. taste amazing when you get it with the spicey stuff with it (not the fish oil)

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        Duff's can be inconsistent especially on Tuesdays because they have to parcook a ton of wings. Often 3 out of 10 are absolutely petrified after refrying. I always send the bad ones back. Try getting the wings plain with sauce on the side. They stay hot and crispy a lot longer and you can mix and match sauces if you are with friends. I sometimes take a few bottles of my own sauce like Nando's Garlic, Tabasco Jalapeno etc.

        I am no fan of St Louis. Don't like the taste, the price or needing a magnifying glass to find them.

      2. I've heard many people rave about the Tara Inn in Scarborough, there are two of them and I believe it's the smaller one (the wee Tara) that they like better.

        The Fossil and Haggis in Scarborough does a good job at wings as well, I have been impressed with their size and flavour. They don't have tons of flavours just the usual mild medium, hot, suicide IIRC. I get the hottest ones and they aren't overly spicy. For comparison, I usually get medium at Duffs in Buffalo.

        There's All Star wings and Wild Wings which go into crazy flavours if you're into that, both have 75 to 100 flavours. I'm pretty sure All Star breads their wings first which I wasn't crazy about. The wings were large and meaty but my peeve is that they don't tell you what the name of each wing equates to flavour wise. Example: what does Pandora's Box taste like? *snicker*

        A friend of mine got an assortment of wings from Wild Wing for the Super Bowl. They were good, saucy and meaty but pretty expensive for takeout.

        1. Not the GTA, but, by far the best wings I've ever had in Ontario are from "Wings Up!" in Milton.

          They've got tons of awards, and their sauces are so unbelievably good you will probably be licking the box after the wings are all gone.

          Their "dusted chicken sandwich" is only $5 and a good way to sample the various wing flavors since they toss the chicken sandwich in wing sauce before serving.

          1. Tara Inn on Kingston Rd in Scarborough (Kingston Rd./Midland Ave. area). Real buffalo style chicken wings (not the breaded spieces served at most wing joints). Fresh cut fries and thick, fresh cut onion rings.

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              Just returned from Tara (2365 Kingston Rd. near Midland) and am favourably impressed. Wings ordered plain, were perfectly cooked. Golden, hot and juicy. Took a bit longer to arrive meaning they are likely not parcooked or blanched. Sauces, Hot (too salty) and Suicide (too one dimensional), are not great, next time I will take my own. I ordered fries (soley for academic interest) and found them a waste of calories. They are cut on the premises but poorly cooked to a very dark brown. They were not properly blanched, maybe an off night.

              Monday is half price night and I will be going back.

              No one is nailing the wing experience to my satisfaction. Tara and sometimes Duff's nail the wings. Sauces are always a problem because they are more or less forced to use third rate $10-12/gallon generic stuff. Veggies are an afterthought, which is too bad because good veggies turn wings into spa food (OK not quite). Finally the dipping sauce is not too interesting - Duff's Dill sauce is not bad and I quite like the garlic ranch at St. Louis (but nothing else).
              Next time I go to Tara I will pick up some dipping sauce from St Louis and take my own hot sauces, carrots and celery.
              Actually, I think I will stay home, roast my own wings on the Weber, drink my own Guinness all for the price of tax and tip.

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                other than wings, what else is on Tara Inns menu? Im curious about this place and cant find a website

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                  The usual burgers, Irish Stew, deep fried features etc. served in somewhat shabby surroundings.

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                    haha. thanks for the reply, good to know. shabby as in.. sketchy? or just kinda your general pub?

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                      Shabby as in a bit down on the heels, grubby and kinda like your general pub.

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                        It could use a restaurant makeover for sure...has the feel of an old irish pub (Dark green interior, dark wood, irish paraphanelia on the walls), but then it has 80's rattan furniture and plastic ferns in some sections. very strange. But the wings are very good (cooked to order).

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                          Lol... wasn't this place renovated on Restaurant Makeover last year? (No comment.)

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                          Despite it's sketchy appearance I used to frequent the Tara Inn at 2609 Eglinton E just east of Midland at Falmouth. The staff and patrons have always been very friendly so don't let appearances fool you. You're more likely to be driven over by an in-a-hurry scotch-swiller in Yorkville than witness anything untowards here.

                          It may be just the usual Irish fare with the addition of good burgers, wings, and such, but the authenticity of the Irish offerings sets them apart from every other establishment. I still regularly travel across town for their Irish Breakfast. Just try and find another one like it, I dare ya. Decent selection of Irish imbibables as well.

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                            excellent. Thanks everyone, this place is next on my list.

                      2. re: hungryabbey

                        Tara Inn used to have great steak and mushroom or steak and kidney pies servied with colcannon.

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                            The steak & kidney pie is always my dinner of choice at The Tara. After all, it's the proper Irish combo. It shows true committment.

                    2. re: Finnegan

                      I finally got out to Tara Inn (the one on Kingston) and am very pleased to have found another good irish pub. The outside could use a good makeover (the sign is pretty tattered) but the inside didnt bother me at all. Typical irish pub decor, a bit dated, but not dirty. We tried the nachos first and were happy because one of us is lactose intolerant so we asked if they would put cheese on approx. just half of them. We were so pleased to see them bring out one platter with cheese and one without (Im assuming the same amount of chips as normal, just split in two). We then sampled the wings (buffalo style with hot sauce on the side), fries, onion rings and steak and mushroom pie. These are items I've ordered in dozens of pubs so I have some experience with them and must say, we were all very impressed. The wings were SUPER crispy as they had been battered and by keeping them dry (not tossed in sauce), the wings do not get saugy. The fries were great, thick hand cut with skin on, reminded me of chips my grandma used to make me from scratch. Even better were the onion rings- AMAZING! They were battered lightly, not breaded and fried perfectly. I really hate when I bite into an onion ring and a huge chunk of onion comes slithering out of the batter. Not these babies. These had only a hint of onion with a substantial amount of crunch. They steak and mushroom pie was nice, better than most I've tasted but not as good as HOP in my opinion. The crust was nice and flaky, the beef was tender and not overcooked as many pubs tend to do, but I would have liked a bit more mushroom flavour. Service was great, very attentive. Thanks for the tip guys, I would have NEVER known about this place otherwise.

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                        You're a brave girl for trying and you've been rewarded. Congratulations. Now you know why Tara makes my 'fave restaurants' list. It isn't all about high-end fancy shmancy food. Sometimes it's just down home comfort. Come back when you need breakfast, Irish style or wanna to trade in those mushrooms for kidneys in your pie. Dip a fry in that!

                    3. I had some wings at Hollinger's on Coxwell near O'Connor. They were they biggest and the best I've had in a while.

                      1. I am a fan of the wings at McSorley's on Bayview, just north of Millwood, on the west side of Bayview. The wings there are grilled, and if you ask for them saucy, they'll happily oblige you. Most importantly, the FLAVOUR is good. (Try the potstickers too, if you're feeling rich ($7 for 5), the dipping sauce for them is awesome...I keep it for the fries too!).

                        On the Con side of things, if the kitchen is rushed, the wings can be a little burnt on the tips, a danger with any wing that leaves the tips on, though.

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                          Just went to Duffs at Bloor and Bathurst. The wings were awful, too much sauce and the wings appeared to be cold. Buffalo wings are supposed to be crispy even with the sauce on it, most people that have had wings in Buffalo know what I am speaking of. I don't think they are in the same league as even St. Louis Bar and Grill sadly to say.

                          1. re: Darksyde

                            There's no mention of crispy, so give McSorley's a try. Juicy and tender with a little char from the grill. Great.

                            Great fried wings aren't easy to get anywhere in Toronto. The par cooking and slow service will get you soggy wings fast.

                          2. My boyfriend use to love Tasty Chicken House on Queen and Carlaw.
                            It's dimly lit, inconspicuous little place, but I know many people have serious craving for their whole, roasted chicken and their wings.

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                              I visited Tara (Kingston Road) last Monday (special night) and ordered naked wings with sauce on the side. I had taken a selection of my own sauces as I often do. The wings were very good and at $5.50 for 10 a good deal. They took a bit of time to arrive but that usually indicates freshly cooked which I believe these were.

                              Feeling confident, I ordered a second round of "Tandoori dusted" wings. They weren't dusted, they were caked. The cook had probably dumped a half a jar of Tandoori powder on the wings. Pretty much inedible.

                              I have learned my lesson. Keep it simple. I will likely go back though not in a hurry. I might even try sauced wings. However the bottom line is that Tara can do very good naked wings beyond that the risk level sky rockets.

                              Be warned, the place is quite shabby and shows the signs of absentee owners and staff turnover.

                              1. re: garlicandwingnut

                                I will remember to stear clear from the tempting list of wing options and stick to the nakeds.

                            2. My husband loves the wings at the Chick 'N deli on Mt. Pleasant south of Eglinton.

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                                I plan to go to Tara (Kingston Road) tonight at 7:30 - 8:00. If any of you Hounds are there please say hello. I will likely be there alone and can be identified by my blue insulated lunch bag containing 6-8 sauces which I will share with Hounds.

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                                  Agree on all the posts that are dissing Duffs and St Louis, the latter of which has gone from great to horrible due to over -franchising...Chick N Deli is still king and they have the best in the city in my opinion. But I'm going to try Tara now because the reviews are great...

                              2. The Tara on Eglinton (NOT THE BIG ONE ON KINGSTON RD.) has hands down the best wings I have ever had. Order the jerk or scarborough hot. I am a wing nut and these are the best things on earth I have tried (and I've tried heaps). A basket of fries with malt vinegar and a pint of Keith's is optional, but highly recommended.

                                One important detail worth mentioning...you must go on a Wednesday (wing special night) or when the bald chef is working. You see, the bald ornery chef is mandatory. If he's not working then you won't get the real deal.

                                I have invited friends from Milton, Newfoundland and the USA to this small, quaint pub. They all say the same thing. "Best wings they've ever had."


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                                  The Tara on Eglinton does have good wings...but it is so small (15 people seems overcrowded), so dingy and so unfriendly that I"ve stopped going there. The Tara on Kingston is equally dingy (i.e. they haven't changed the decors since the 80's....fake ferns, rattan furniture (in an irish bar???)) but the staff are friendly, the wings are just as good (1/2 price on mondays )and they do fresh fries and fresh thick cut onion rings with a homemade chipotle dipping sauce. My choice fo best wings in the GTA is the TARA INN on kingston rd.

                                  1. re: Finnegan

                                    Tara's (Kingston Road) wings were great on Monday. The biggest difference is they are cooked from fresh and not parcooked like Duff's and St Louis also much bigger than St Louis. The downside is that they take about 15-20 mins. to hit the table whereas at Duff's and St Louis they will appear in 2-4 mins..

                                    1. re: Finnegan

                                      I've never been treated anything but well at the Eglinton location. Sorry to hear about your experience. The older Irish woman always asks me about my mum no matter how long it's been since I was there. Mum & I used to brunch their just about every Sunday when I lived in the neighbourhood. Were it simply nostalgia I believe I would have noticed. I find the food and the old-fashioned diner style service just as good today as it was 20 years ago.