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Jun 21, 2008 09:21 AM

Pizza from Yesterdays in Hazlet?

My dad just called to say the fam will be up to visit tonight and that we should just get take-out pizza. I've been to Yesterdays once and I was disappointed with my spaghetti dish. Is the pizza good? I'm trying to think of a nearby place for pizza that is above average if not tasty. Please tell me your thoughts on Yesterdays or suggest some place better. Thanks!

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  1. Alas, I can no longer eat pizza. But in relatively recent experience I have enjoyed the pizza at Piazza Italia on Rt 35, in the strip mall with Best Buy and Barnes Noble, in the corner near Turning Point.
    The pizza is not superb, but I would say they are good and reliable. Their other food is good too.

    Piazza Italia
    2132 State Route 35, Holmdel, NJ 07733

    1. If you're near Cliffwood Beach/Laurence, about 5 or 6 miles north on Rt. 35 from Holmdel, there's a place called Lisa's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria on the southbound side of 35. Friends and I have been happy with their pizza. That's where I order from now even though plenty of pizza places are closer. I usually take out, but there is a dining area with about 6 or 7 tables. It's nothing fancy though. Address is Route 35 & Laurence Parkway, Laurence Harbor, 08879. Phone (732) 290-1313. The menu I have says they're open from 5-11pm.

      1. ok...heres my humble opinions on the area pizzas

        first choice always..Deninnos in strathmore..but they do not deliver.
        Stefano's hazlet: Ok but not a pronounced flavor and inconsistant toppings
        Villa Holmdel (Kohls) Ok but also inconsistant. Sometimes the crust can be very thick and almost rubbery.
        Angelas Airport plaza: Fair but consistant..good cheese..
        Gourmet Pizza First St Keyport: Surprisingly good but out of the way...fresh topping and good sausage.
        Anchor Inn Union Beach: Fair but lives off its old reputation..very loyal following.

        Pizza Pet Peeves
        How can anyone in their right mind use canned mushrooms or Peppers?
        No fresh herbs on pies
        Gimme a lil Olive Oil on there to bake in!
        Under cooked pies with too much cheese.

        Hope this helped you in some way~