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Jun 21, 2008 09:15 AM

Orgeat vs Almond Syrup

I've been using an almond syrup that I bought at the local middle eastern market for Mai Tais, but was wondering if it's the same thing as orgeat. It's cloudy like orgeat, but it doesn't list orange flower water or rose water as an ingredient, although I don't think Torani lists that either.

So my question is, are all of these cloudy almond syrups the same thing as the orgeats out there?

Or should I order the fee brothers mix which is specifically designed for cocktails and not middle eastern desserts or coffee flavoring?

Are all these the same but with different labelings? I'm suspicious.

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  1. What's in the syrup you have? I think the most important distinction is that it actually contains almond extract, not just artificial flavorings -- check the ingredients list. If it's white and cloudy and contains actual almond extract, it's the same basic thing. I doubt you'll find much difference in flavor, assuming that it's a quality product. I'm having trouble finding the ingredients online, but I seem to recall that the Fee Brothers mix is artificially flavored and colored.

    1. Finest Call is supposed to make a decent Orgeat.

      You can also make your own, which is far superior to any commercial brand, from everything I've tried and heard. $20 to start and a couple hours in the kitchen...

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        I've been using Ferrara "Orzata":

        Really tasty, and actually made with almonds. I haven't yet tried making my own, though.