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Jun 21, 2008 09:08 AM

London: Good Cuban sandwich?

Does anyone know where I can get a good cuban sandwich in London? Has anyone tried Cubana near Waterloo? They don't seem to have Cuban sandwiches but I'm wondering if the other stuff is worthwhile. My bf has suddenly started jonesing for Cuban and we haven't seen anything in London. Thanks for your help!

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  1. We ended up eating at La Cubana last night as D. really wanted to go. It was more or less what you'd expect from such a place. The croquetas de boniato y chorizo con salsa had a slightly mealy texture. The chorizo tasted good but I'd have been happier to just eat a plate of chorizo. I couldn't taste the sweet potato at all. The salsa was reminiscent of the heavy-tomato-y marinara sauce you get for dipping chewy calimari in at low-brow Italian-American joints--Not a good sign. The pollo criollo was tasty though a little dry and the atun cubana was good tuna but nothing special or different. My mojito was very sweet and they were out of the Cuban beer. Seems this is more of a cocktail joint for those who like syrupy neon-colored cocktails. The salsa band that started at 11:00 was great though it was too crowded to dance.

    I'm assuming from the lack of replies that there are no good cuban sandwiches in London--if you know of anywhere that has them--or something similar--please spill the beans. I've eaten great sandwiches along the lines of a cuban in the Dominican Republic so I know there might be other versions out there in other Caribbean or South American restaurants.

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      I'm still looking for somewhere that does café cubano at all - let alone a decent one! But you're right, most Cuban (themed) places I know of here in the UK tend to be more cocktail bars.

    2. I'm afraid there is no commercial outlet in London where you can get decent Cuban food or drink - as in Cuba itself, there are culinary wonders to be found, but usually only in the homes of Cubans! the Cubana is really a themed bar and I've always found the food there to be mediocre at best, and bearing no resemblance at all to Cuban food as I know it (and I'm married to a cuban.)

      However there might be something decent to eat (probably like burritos or Colombian barbecue, hahahaha) at this weekend's Carnival de Cuba at Southwark Park - 28 & 29 June, all day. There will be good live Cuban music as well, if you fancy it.

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        Southwark Park is right by my house so I'll at least go for the music. It's so sad that there's no good Cuban food in London--a Cuban sandwich isn't even hard to make really. I guess I'll have to be sure to hit El Oriental de Cuba when I'm in Boston next month. I've heard that you can only get good food in homes in Cuba, I guess I just got spoiled by El Oriental. Meanwhile I guess it's burritos and Colombian bbq at the Carnival de Cuba for me.