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Jun 21, 2008 08:59 AM

New Latitude Eight Thai Grill in Chandler

There's a hip little gourmet-ish Asian restaurant in historic downtown Chandler that opened recently. Tried it last night and although our Musamman Short Rib ($16) needed more cooking time, the flavors were great and the presentation was upscale. We were happy overall with our meal. The Tom Kah soup broth was poured over the ingredients at the table which was fun and different from our typical Thai stops (Swaddee, Thai House, etc.). The yellow chicken curry ($11) was served on a deep plate and had a wonderful aroma and flavor. From what we could gather, the place is owned by a mom/son team. The son, David, was very friendly and talkative w/o being over-talkative. It's a 30 minute drive from our northeast Mesa house, but if Latitude Eight were in my hood I'd probably be there once a week. It's BYOB right now but they're working on a liquor license.

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  1. Been meaning to try this place ever since we walked by the store last week on our way to 98 Wine. By any chance did you notice the stuff chicken wing? Just curious if its comparable to LOS in Vegas. Will head there tonight.

    1. I cannot wait to give place a try. Driving by, the atmosphere looks great and the menu reads well.

      Latitude 8 Thai Grill
      11 W Boston St, Chandler, AZ 85225

      1. We stopped by today and they were closed :-( but the owner was there and was very nice. She said they opened soft but business has been good. One complaint is it was kind of hard to find, the address says Boston St but they face Arizona Ave? We drove around the parking lot and finally had to ask someone. The lunch menu was in the window but we didn't see the dinner menu. Looking forward to visiting later this week!

        1. Thanks for the review! Hubby and the baby and I visited Latitude 8 a little after they opened for the tasting menu. We had it at lunch - not sure if they would have it for dinner?
          Hubby and I got all diff. things. I loved his spicy papaya salad more than I loved my spicy fruit salad, which was still good. I had the panang and Hubby had the pad thai. The pad thai looked very "light" but had a wonderful sweet/sour counterpart taste. Hubby also loved the banana basil dessert. It sounded kind of strange to me but it was actually very good, as was my mango sticky rice. Everything is pretty spicy - they didn't ask us for a preferred "spice level." They were still very much "in progress" but it looks like a wonderful addition to downtown Chandler's dining scene.

          1. We were at the public Transportation meeting for the city tonight so decided to head across the street from the library and try this new place out.

            We were shocked to find a wait when we walked in at 7:30 on a Wed night. Brand new place in the middle of summer!

            Anyway, David, the owner, had a couple high tables that were empty and we asked if we could sit at one of them...he said he hadn't decided what to do with them yet but sure if we didn't mind. We were quickly offered water or iced mentioned the it's BYOB here, which everyone seemed to know about as we saw wine on most of the tables. Not sure if they have sodas...probably.

            We ordered the papaya salad, the spicy eggplant stir fry and the steak pad mee kao. The salad was very tasty and we loved the two grilled jumbo prawns that came with it. The spicy eggplant stiry fry wasn't very spicy but had lots of good flavor...generous amounts of fried tofu, eggplant, and pumpkin. We didn't care for the pumpkin at all - it seemd undercooked and the flavor didn't add anything to the dish but rather took away...we left most of the pumpkin. This dish was accompanied by a small amount of rice. The steak pad mee kao was also good. I liked that it wasn't overly greasy. the flank steak was tender and flavorful...and a perfect medium rare. the only negative comment I really had on this was that for an asian noodle dish the portion seemed small. there was plenty of steak though and it's just that so many places bulk up their noodles dishes. It was actually plenty of food just smaller than normal and might disappoint some people in that regard.

            The bill was $37 which is a bit more than a hole in the wall place but this isn't hole in the wall. The decor is very nice - hip and upscale. Lots of white. They seemed very overwhelmed by how busy it was tonight and commented on it a couple times while we were chatting with them. it seems they were anticipating a slow summer to work out the kinks and have been caught off guard. We did have some glitches in our meal(our got lost in the POS system) but nothing that can't be ironed out.

            I'd probably avoid trying this on a Friday or Saturday night for now. I also don't think I'd drive across town to try it but it is a great addition to the downtown Chandler assortment of restaurants. I hope they get all their kinks worked out and have lots of success. They seem like really good people.