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Jun 21, 2008 08:55 AM

Buying Seafood to Cook in Galveston

We've had a change of plans. No more Corpus Christi. It's Galveston now. We're staying in a condo with a full kitchen on West Beach. So, I'd like to get any recommendations about where to buy seafood that I can take home and cook. I've noticed in most coastal towns that there are good and bad places to buy seafood. Unfortunately, I usually find out that it's bad when I've already taken it home!

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  1. Try Sampson and Son at pier 20 off Harborside near The Strand. There is another market nrxt door, not sure of the name. I bought shrimp there recently, and on other occasions. They had some beautiful red snapper about a month ago, didn't buy any, I had some speckled trout I had caught that day, getting shrimp to go with. Check both out and see what is freshest. You can Google Sampson and Son.

    1. Sampson and Son is where I go. They've got Stone Crab that is fresh and always good. they have most things you'll be lookiing for and it is off the boat fresh. The guys aren't that fresh, though, so be ready for that. As a wise man once said: It is what it is! Wow! Heavy, man!