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Jun 21, 2008 08:50 AM

Going to Vegas - where to eat?

Hey guys I'm new here. I'll be heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks and want to know all the good places to eat. I've done searches and info overload! please can you guys help and just give me the quick and dirty version of what's the best out that way?

I'm looking for local (preferred) or on the strip. I'd especially like some recommendations for fine dining, lunch, and Chinese (congee,etc).


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  1. Everyone has their own opinion on "what's good" - and in Vegas the suggestions can be overwhelming. Do you have a price point? "Local" and "on the strip" covers just about every restaurant in Vegas. Can you be a little more specific?

    Like you said: "info overload". If it were me, I'd invest some time reading all of the reviews that suit your interest. Every restaurant in Vegas worth trying has been reviewed on here ad nauseum. It seems like a lot to go through but in the end you'll find it rewarding to have done your homework.

    My opinions ( which, I'm sure, don't suit everyone ) include:

    Fine Dining: Guy Savoy. It doesn't get much better or high-end than this.
    Lunch: Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. Good tapas ( great sangria ) from a chain-type place.
    Chinese: I always liked KJ's Kitchen on Spring Mountain & Jones.

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      The thing about Vegas is that it has become close to NYC in available choices. From wings to wagyu, from dim sum to dining at Guy Savoy, from burgers to Bouchon, it is all there for you. Don't let this give you a headache, for this is wonderful for the visiting foodie.

      I always make a list of where to go for different types of meals I may be interested in before I go. Also, if there is one night that needs a special meal, I make a reservation, but I mostly wing it and see how I feel.

      Having said that, some places I always miss when I am home are:

      Lotus of Siam
      Bouchon (breakfast)
      Burger Bar
      Viva Mercado
      Sam Woo BBQ
      Todd's Unique
      Guy Savoy
      Joel Robuchon

      One last thought, visit the MGM website and check out the summer specials at all their restaurants, especially if you are on a budget.


    2. I'd recommend Rosemary's, half priced bottles of wine on Sunday evenings. Its a cab ride off the strip, however; totally worth it, you can't go wrong with this option... plus since its off the strip its a great value for your money.

      1. Burger Bar is awesome - build your own burgers, yummy zucchini, sweet potato and regular fries. It's in Mandalay Bay - not really central but worth the walk or taxi.
        If you like breakfast buffets, my favorite of all is Paris. Their buffet is top notch, fresh and full of variety. Their crepe station can't be beat.
        Enjoy your trip!

        1. Thank you guys - great tips and advice. azbirdie - Ya rereading my post and "local and on the strip" really isn't much help is it. I did the research on the board and decided to go local for a friday night dinner at Todd Unique - looking forward to it and hopefully won't be let down by being over hyped about it.

          Seal - I think I've decided to go more with the flow, I'm making a list and checking it twice now. My list is looking close to yours. we're staying at the Four Seasons and renting a car - so I'll probably go to the Burger bar and In-and-out, to do a comparison.

          I'd like to also try rosemary but just don't have enough time on this trip - arriving on July 2nd and leaving on the 5th. That's only 3 nights but 1 of the night we're going to watch a show so, we're probably not going to have enough time to do a full on tasting menu this time.

          I've been trying to find something on buffets I could try - after all, what's a trip to LV without a buffet. I'm looking for breakfast or lunch - which ones would people recommend now? recent reports would be great.


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            The three buffets that get the most recommendations are Bellagio, Wynn and Paris (Paris for breakfast or brunch only).

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              Those that Debbie mentioned are all excellent for breakfast and a good deal for lunch (though I will say that Paris has slipped slightly). I would also highly recommend Cravings at Mirage for lunch -- fresh, varied, and nice decor.

            2. thanks guys...what's the difference in the 3 buffets? I know that people on here say that Paris is good for breakfast. Which on do you guys think is the best value for money? who has the better hot foods?

              Thanks for the continued help!