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Feb 11, 2003 03:52 AM

Great (bottled) water?

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Sounds weird, but I'm looking for a good source for either bottled or jugged water in the LA area. Something really good. I like Mountain Spring Valley brand and would also like to get a few bottles of Panna, the one they serve at a bunch of restaurants (I'd like it for less than 7-8 bucks a bottle though).

See the link below..its pretty interesting.


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  1. One brand I strongly suggest you try is Iceland Spring, the cleanest-tasting water I've had the pleasure to try. I've seen it in 1.5l bottles, as well as smaller liters and pints. It used to be tough to find, but is now squeezing its way into a few rows on shelves previously occupied by Dasani or Evian. I find it regularly at Wild Oats and Albertson's, and wherever you find it, ask the manager if he/she will cut you a deal on case purchases.

    1. I love the ratings: Excellent, Very good, good and Not So Good!

      1. OK, there's no contest. This is the best water I've ever tasted and everyone who comes to my house agrees. It's a "water store," and the price is $0.35/gal or $0.30/gal if you buy a card for 30 gals. Mr. and Mrs. Chun have an 18-stage filtration system, the final step being an organic filter. All water stores are NOT the same. Trust me.

        They are open 9-7:00 M-Sat, closed Sunday

        House of Living Water
        11117 Palms (near Sepulveda)

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          Interesting...around my area, sort of. Do they deliver or does it come in big 5 gallon jugs or smaller bottles?

          I would call, but I would much rather drop by and see what they have in person.


          1. re: Xericx

            they don't deliver. it's run by a husband and wife team.

            they sell all sorts of bottles and dispensers. of course, you can bring your own if you have one. they don't sell pre-filled bottles.

        2. Panna water is the flat water from San Pellegrino. Try asking a grocery or liquor store that carries San P. to order you a case. I get the one liter bottle (plastic) from a wholesale supplier for about $1.25 per bottle.

          1. I believe I saw a clip on Food Finds one time for trinity water. It is suppose to be from deep within the earth...etc....

            checkt hem out and don't forget to let me know how the waters is


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              I get this all the time at Whole Foods. The Trinity "mineral supplement" (yellow bottle) is amazing. Clean taste with an almost crisp finish. Unique among the bottled waters that I have tried. The label does recommend no more than 4 servings a day for adults due to the mineral content.

              The blue label Trinity is simply good tasting bottled water. I have had others that were as good or better - Volvic, Fiji etc...