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Jun 21, 2008 08:48 AM

Best Brunch or Lunch Saturday and Sunday?

We are heading back for a visit, only the second post-K, and with help from this board I have decided on Fri lunch at Couchon, Fri dinner at Irene's and Sat dinner at Commander's (husband's sentimental favorite) but I am stuck for lunch Saturday and Sunday. We are open to lunch or brunch. What is currently open and good? Thanks!

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  1. Have had three excellent Sunday Brunchs at Ralph's On the Park. It has now become our "go-to" spot, prior to flying out on Sunday.

    OTOH, we had a great Saturday brunch at Brennan's, regardless of what many on this board have experienced.

    Still, if I had one, it would be Ralph's, without equivocation.

    Reviews on CH with a "search this board."


    Brennan's Restaurant
    417 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

    Ralphs On the Park
    900 City Park Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119

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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      I love Mr. B's for brunch and lunch!

    2. I would have to agree with Mr. Hunt....I just love Ralph's for lunch/brunch. You can't beat the scenery, the decor, the service..and the food is pretty good. But it's tough finding a place for a good brunch in New Orleans (believe it or not). We try to take Mom out for her birthday on Saturday when the kids can all get in town and you would be surprised how many places are closed on Saturday...for lunch anyway.

      And just as an FYI, I much prefer Commander's for lunch/brunch than for the Garden Room preferably. Why not change to Commander's for lunch/brunch and pick another place for dinner Saturday? You'd do much better somewhere else than Commanders for dinner.

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      1. re: Tchoupitoulas

        Completely agree, CP is much better for lunch than dinner. Galatoire's, Rib Room, Bistro at the Maison De Ville, Martinique, Mr. B's, Muriel's are all open for Sat. lunch. Restaurants located in hotels will be open as well eg. Cafe Adelaide, Luke, MiLa. Always look to hotel locations when all others are closed. They must be open to serve hotel guests.

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          I also prefer lunch in the garden room at CP to dinner. You'd also be surprised at how many places are open for lunch on Sat. Galatoire's, Muriel's, Bistro at the Maison De Ville, Marigny Brasserie, Mr. B's, Redfish Grill, Martinique. When stymied, always look to rest. located inside hotels. Many are open to accomodate hotel guests eg: Luke, Cafe Adelaide, Rib Room.

          1. re: Tchoupitoulas

            Allow me to qualify....not many places open for lunch OUTSIDE the Quarter. And I worked at a hotel too long to enjoy have a lunch at one.

            1. re: Tchoupitoulas

              I really wish my hubby would reconsider on the dinner at Commander's but it is his one wish so what the heck. I think I will hit Ralph's on Sunday at 11am on the way out. Thanks for all the good ideas for on lunch for Saturday everyone. I will do my best to do a trip report when I return. And now I am off to NOLA - YAY!

            2. you could head Uptown and go to J'Anita's, Il Posto, St. James Cheese Company (the Wine Seller is next door), La Petite Grocery, Lilette, Cafe Atchafalaya, Stein's Deli, Mayas, Camellia Grill, Ignatius, Patois

              1. Bayona serves lunch on Saturdays beginning @ 1130.

                1. I would go for Cafe Amelie at 912 Royal Street, back in the residential section of the French Quarter, for Sunday brunch. Beautiful outdoor courtyard, small restaurant - wouldn't sit inside - so factor in the weather. They open at 10AM and you should be there soon after. Often there is a wait, but you can go for a walk and come back. Also, a little known secret, they take reservations if a hotel concierge calls them in. Enjoy!