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Jun 21, 2008 08:07 AM

Lappert's Ice Cream in Phoenix

Channel 10, myfoxphoenix, did some segments this week at a place with Lappert's ice cream. I may have to stop in for a scoop of Kauai Pie since plane tickets to Maui have gone up so much.....the place is Pink Spot Ice Cream,, 49 W Thomas Ave just west of Central.

Pink Spot Ice Cream
49 W Thomas, Phoenix, Az 85013

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  1. Yes, I've been to Pink Spot. It's a nice place that fills a gap in Midtown. Their ice cream comes from Lappert's of California, which is based on Lappert's of Kauai, but no longer formally affiliated with it. I've learned all this in one week since my first visit to Pink Spot.

    Disclaimer at the bottom of Lappert's Web site:

    "Lappert's Ice Cream, Inc. is not related to or affiliated in any manner with Lappert's Hawaii. Our Products can be found on the Continental U.S. and on the Internet."

    Likewise, for Lappert's of Hawaii:

    "We are not related to or affiliated in any manner with Lappert's Ice Cream on the mainland. Lappert's Hawaii's products can be found in Hawaii and on the Internet."

    Regardless, it's good ice cream served by nice people.

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      If the original Lappert's is now licensing, I guess we can expect Lappert's all over the place. I wonder whether Lappert's would be so renowned if that same formulation were introduced today -- or whether the current generation of premium ice creams has raised our expectations. Back in the Dark Ages (or maybe the Ice Age), when I was a young child in Connecticut, Howard Johnson's 28 flavors were a big deal. Later, when Baskin-Robins came on the scene, the number of flavors, quality and urban dipping stores raised the bar. And the bar has been raised ever since. We were on Kauai a year ago and had Lappert's at the source. It was good -- but it wasn't to-die-for ice cream.

      Cyber-speaking of ice cream and shifting from AZ to CO, the Boulder paper's food section featured a local ice cream maker who is supplying distinctive savory ice creams (and sweets as well) to restaurants aroiund here. I don't think there's a retail outlet yet. See for the story. I also wrote a blog post about it.

    2. Interesting. . .I'm going to have to go. I love my Hula Pie! They opened a Lapperts about 8-9 years ago in the San Jose airport. At the time, I think it was linked to the original Hawaii operation. I was always hoping it would make its way West. I wonder if they were linked before and why the disclaimer. . . The good thing about only having it in Kauai was I wasn't in Kauai that often. :) I'm going to be out that way tomorrow night. Hmm . . .