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Jun 21, 2008 07:57 AM

Chow in London, ON?

I'm moving to London, ON for two months for an internship. My friends told me to drive back every weekend for "decent food". I'm not expecting Toronto, but surely there must be recommendations for good chow in London? I mean, it's not Timbuktu. *grin*

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    1. Here are some more recs for London:

      My current favourite restaurants are Massey's, Si Senor, J. J.'s Bistro (in Byron), Mythic Grill and Barrakat.

      For a great upscale grocery store (I actually like it better than Pusateri's), head to Remark at the corner of Hyde Park Rd and Oxford Street.

      Also be sure to visit the Covent Garden Market on King Street downtown. Smith's Cheeses at the Covent Garden Market is as good as any cheese shop you'd find in the St. Lawrence Market. The burek place at the Market is one of my favourite places to stop for a snack. Kleiber's has lots of Central European groceries and meats.

      East London doesn't get mentioned much on these boards, but there are some chowworthy shops and restaurants in that end, too, such as Imperio dos Francos for Portuguese churrasquierra, Nova Era's new location on Egerton for custard tarts and breads, the Greek bakery on Hamilton Road, International Bakery, the Viet Nam restaurant near the Kellogg's factory,etc.

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        I love J.J's Bistro and their new restaurant a few doors away (La Bella Vita). Casual Italian is the best way to describe it and for a younger crowd.

      2. I just got back from an extended 5 months in London - and I know how you feel. For nice dining experiences I would go to the Black Trumpet on Richmond - and DEFINITELY go to THE ONLY on King Street - it is a small intimate extremely tastefully designed restaurant with good service and very very tasty food.

        1. There's a Hungarian restaurant called Budapest on Dundas street. I'm a fan of this type of cuisine, but the uninitiated can be a bit intimidated as meals provide more food than can fit in an average human body. My meal was very tasty, the service was typically warm, and the decor is straight out of the Hungarian alps.


          1. When I visiting my sister last year we had a very good meal at Aroma (Picadilly and whatever that major thoroughfare is). It's in that old Victorian building with a sunken atrium. It was qute good, sort of nouvelle mediterranean cuisine.