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Jun 21, 2008 06:58 AM

Looking for Sushi, Tapas,& Brunch in Dallas

Going to stay the weekend in Dallas. Hoping to score some sushi/japenese food one night and Spanish tapas the other. Haven't gotten a hotel yet, not even sure what area of town to stay in (Dallas is big!), but we have GPS and car so will travel for good food. Going to Rangers game Sat night, so either early dinner in Dallas or something that matches the bill in the stadium area. Would also love a nice leisurely brunch on Sunday am. Budget is flexible, we have no prob spending $ if the food is worth it, but also have no prob eating cheap if the food is great. Anyone been to Casey from top chefs resto? Is it any good?

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  1. Casey Thompson works at Shinsei. It's good and has an excellent sushi chef, but it is pricey - even for sushi.

    My top pick for sushi is Teppo on Lower Greenville.

    I like Cafe Madrid for tapas.

    Both of these places are in Dallas proper and not anywhere near the baseball stadium. Most of the places near the stadium are chains, so I would not just drive out there looking for something without a specific recommendation.

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      Thanks! Looks like we'll be downtown on Main Street. I had a feeling there wouldn't be much of note near the stadium. Will prob do an early dinner downtown.
      I've also read a lot about The Grape. There is a Tapas chain in FL by the same name, actually not 1/2 bad. Any relation?

      1. re: jme1beachbum

        The Grape is not a Tapas place here. Personally the most consistant is probably Cafe Madrid. Note it's not as good as the Tapas place on St. Armands in Sarasota.

        You might try
        Taisho in Arlington if you run out of time for Sushi. I have not eaten there but several of the people in the local Sushi group seem to like it.

        If you have time there are several top notch Sushi bars in Dallas including

        Sushi Sake
        Yutaka which is probably the best of all.

        The Sushi in DFW will be more like west coast not east. Meaning you can get closer to "real" sushi. There will be no "brown rice" and such like South Florida is famous for.

    2. Oishi is my favorite sushi place in Dallas, by far.. IMO they have the freshest fish regularly. However, it isn't much on ambience. Its in a strip mall in a less than great area. Also very affordable. I have not been to Teppo or Yutaka yet, but have heard very good things.

      Cafe Madrid is a GREAT choice for tapas. Its my favorite :)

      I don't have a recommendation for a spread-style brunch, but Breadwinners is a yummy breakfast option. The service is a little slow, so it probably qualifies as leisurely.

      1. The best sushi near the ballpark is Piranha on Green Oaks at Collins. You could easily sit down for dinner at 5 and make a 7 game.

        1. Mattitio's does a mexican brunch buffet with some traditional items and is close to downtown. Blue Mesa does a similar brunch, maybe better. If money isn't a factor, Fearings has brunch too, obviously not buffet style.
          I'd second Piranha's in Arlington before the game.

          1. Teppo for sushi.
            Hola! (if it's still open) for tapas.
            Cafe San Miguel, Garden Cafe, or Old Monk for brunch.