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Jun 21, 2008 06:56 AM

Need help in the far northern burbs (kenosha)

I'm going up to Kenosha which is definitely still in the Chicago area with all the suburban sprawl these days. I know nothing about the town. Please give me some suggestions of a place to eat.

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  1. Try Frank's Diner on 58th street in downtown Kenosha. I would recommend the biscuits and gravy. While you're there check out Tenuta's for all kinds of Italian groceries, wines and foods. I don't know the exact addresses for either, but I believe they both have websites.


      I was up there a few years ago working on the Kerry campaign. This was pretty reliable. Not great, it's basic steak and seafood, sorta from the 60s, but the food is solid. Just don't expect anything that will knock you out. Nice view, if you can sit on the porch. Wisconsin is not into fine dining.