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Jun 21, 2008 06:10 AM

Need Good Butcher Rec.

Hey it's BBQ & Grill time.

Where in the general Metro DC area can I find a great meat butcher.

Prime beef, good Lamb & Pork.
[If you can come up with a dry age beef seller, great]
Oh yeah sausages too.
They don't have to all offer all the listed meats,or be in the same place, but a list of where each may be found for what would be nice.

Fish Mongers would be a nice extra as well.


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  1. In Maryland The Laurel Meat Market, There have been several recent chains with these topics so you might want to search for your particular location.

    1. The best beef slaughterhouse I have found in the Washington/Baltimore region is Treuth & Sons in Oella, MD. They have been at their location for more than 100 years, process more than 100 head of cattle a day and have the absolute freshest beef you will find. Their retail store also sell poultry, veal, pork etc. but their bread and butter is beef. Well worth the drive, and you can spend the rest of the day walking around my home town of beautiful Old Town Ellicott City.

      1. You might try a Wegman's. Seems to have everything you are looking for as well as counterhelp to discuss it with.

        1. Well, I took some time to read older post on this topic.
          And went to "My Butcher" off route 450 in Gambrills Maryland.
          He had Dry aged USDA Prime, and surprise!!!!
          Yagu Kobe beef. That was so good,
          I gave my neighbors one of the Yagu steaks, their eyes rolled back in their head in pleasure, so I guess my lawn will be mowed for the rest of the summer. Hell of a bribe huh?
          And they also have Moxie, for those of you that want to taste what used to be the best selling soda in the US before Coke and Pepsi.

          Once I let this pass I will try the next suggestion for butchers.
          Much much better than Wegman's BTW

          1. In va there is Let's Meat on the Avenue in Del Ray.