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Jun 21, 2008 05:45 AM

One good Chinese dinner

My wife and I are in Manhattan (Midtown) this weekend and would like to go for dinner to a good Chinese restaurant ( Cantonese, Sichuan or other regional cuisine) which serves authentic dishes and has an English menu that is as good as the menu in Chinese.

The Oriental Garden on 14 Elizabeth was recommended but it sounds a bit "americanized" ( I hope I am wrong), and the Grand Sichuan is often mentioned on this board but I don't trust chain-like places. Would appreciate some recommendations or references to a past thread on this topic

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  1. Go to Flushing, Queens for authentic Chinese- Flushing is like a mini Hong Kong. Very easy to get to from Midtown- Take the 7 train to Main Street, Flushing- the last stop.

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      I agree, try Flushing. It might be a bit of a trek, but if you're looking for great Chinese it's the best option. There are tons of places and posts on the outer boroughs board, but Spicy & Tasty is a great standby in my book. It's authentic, inexpensive and never disappointing - but menus in English, even a little atmosphere.

      1. For Shanghainese, go to Tang Pavilion or Our Place Shanghai Tea Garden (both on 55th St). All the classic Shanghainese dishes are authentic and well prepared. I would go to Tang Pavilion if you are going to order the really fatty, sweet pork with buns, otherwise its a coin toss between the two. Our Place Shanghai Tea Garden has a nicer ambiance
        For Sichuan, Wu Liang Ye (48th between 5th and 6th) or Sichuan Gourmet if you are willing to go a bit further down (I think 38th). The fish soup, string beans, fish fillets bacon (or chicken) with capsicum and ma po tofu at Wu Liang Ye are excellent.