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Jun 21, 2008 03:33 AM

Lot 30-Charlottetown, PEI.

I have just read an article about a new Gordon Bailey restaurant, "Lot 30", that has opened in PEI, and am wondering if anyone has eaten there? Bailey was the chef that opened Dayboat with the Shapiro's. It was featured on "Opening Soon"

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  1. I have not eaten there, however some friends brought back some leftover duck with fig gnocchi and it was goooood.

    All reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

    1. Four of us ate at Lot 30 last Thursday; it was such an amazing dinner that six of us are returning there this Friday! Gordon Bailley's food has the "wow" factor that so many other chefs lack. We are major foodies, so eat at many of the restaurants on PEI and are thrilled that Gordon has opened his own restaurant - although we wish it were closer to us on the North Shore!

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        Thanks la prof!
        We are excited to go when we are over on vacation...It's good to hear that it is as good as we'd hoped! SInce we are on the South Shore, we are thrilled that G.B. has opened something in Charlottetown!
        can't wait to try it....

      2. Just back from 3 weeks in PEI. We ate at Lot 30 twice. The food was excellent! Our first time there we ordered the Chef's tasting menu. But because we also wanted to try the Foie course that was on the menu, we added a course. It was exceptional. The service was seamless, and everything was amazing.
        The next visit we took friends from TO. The food was still excellent (the soft poached egg with the smoked salmon was perfect!), but this time we lost at the server game. Our server seemed to be too shy, or overwhelmed, or well, just not good at what he was doing. We had to ask for fresh cutlery on more than one occasion, because they'd taken it when they'd cleared the plates. And it was odd, we were sitting in a booth, and wheever anyone came to clear or drop off food they'd just stand at the top of the table and kind of motion for you to take your plate. It was like they couldn't bend at the waist! And it wouldn't have been so odd, except it was all done with gestures, no words!
        End result, we will definitely be back, probably over and over again....The food was inovative, flavorful, and well prepared. But we will make sure that we don't have server"x" wait on us!
        One final note, if you go, ask for one of the two booths when you make your reservation. The room is very open, and quite stark, so the tables in the middle wouldn't be where I waould want to sit.

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          Troutpoint, my trip to PEI begins in early Oct. I will definitely put Lot 30 on the list, but would like to know what other places impressed you, if any.

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            I'm not Troutpoint, but we were in PEI for about a week recently and would as I said earlier definitely recommend Lot 30 as probably the best restaurant on the island. Others to consider would be Flex Mussels for lunch in Charlottetown; Carr's Oysters at Stanley Bridge for an ecellent super-casual lunch; Dayboat, the Dunes or Dalvey-by-the-Sea for dinner on the north side of the island are all good to very good. Clearly Lot 30 is the best, but the others are also good spots.

            1. re: josephnl

              Lot 30 is, hands down,the best. But in Charlottetown there are lots of great restaurants. Off Broadway is on Sydney St.-good wine list, good food, good atmosphere. The Pilot House is in an old hardware store. It has a pubside and a restaurant side. Both good food. The Merchantman, also a pub and restaurant, serves a lot of local foods (As do most decent restaurants in PEI) The Dundee Arms has a quaint restaurant, it is in an Inn. The wine list isn't that great, but the food is.
              The Culinary Institute of Canada is located in Charlottetown, and has a restaurant that overlooks the water. It is serviced by the students. The dining room is called the Lucy Maud Montgomery room.
              There is a good steak and oyster house called Simm's Corner. Flex Mussels is great too. It and Dayboat are owned by the same people.
              The problem with some of the restaurantsoutside of Ch'town is that a lot of them close for the season in early-mid October. So, depending on when you were going, some of the restaurants might be closed.

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                I second your recommendation of the Pilot House. Not in a league with Lot 30, but definitely a good spot.

        2. This place is the real thing! Just returned from two weeks in Nova Scotia and PEI, and out dinner at Lot 30 was the best by far. I'll report later on where we all ate, but wanted to waste no time letting everyone know that this place is terrific!

          1. Hi glad I stumbled across this thread. I'm leaving for the east coast on Saturday, will be in PEI on Sunday for a week. I'm having trouble finding a website for Lot 30...either my web search skills have down the drain or it's just hard to find...would anyone happen to have a link??

            Many many thanks. Also, has anyone eaten at Dayboat since the new chef took over?

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              Yes and it was very good. We were at Dayboat just two weeks ago, and although it's definitely not Lot 30, the food + setting made for a delightful dinner. Really funny coincidence...the current chef was the chef at a terrific restaurant in a small town on the northern California coast...Mendocino...and when chatting with his wife at Dayboat, we realized that we had eaten his food there also! We go to Mendocino every Thanksgiving.

              Check my posts above for other recs on PEI, but Lot 30 will be your best meal there. (Don't think they have a website yet!)

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                I don't think there is a website yet. The menu changes often too...There's talk of not them not having a freezer. They wan to cook with whats fresh. Nt sure if it is true or an urban myth...
                My husband has the phone # on his crackberry, when he gets home I will post it. It's on Kent St, at the corner of University and Kent, in Charlottetown.

                1. re: troutpoint

                  I'm liking what I hear more and more...but no freezer?? I'd like to see that done, but would think the overhead would be huge. I hit the island on Sunday and will definitely be checking this place out within the week. Thanks so much!

                  1. re: finelydiced

                    to comment on the freezer and why i believe it...
                    i worked at dayboat when gord was part owner and all we had a small apt size freezer that held the sorbets and ice cream. we had a big walkin fridge but nothing was frozen and almost all was local produce and meats/seafood. him and his staff went out of our way to go to the rustico wharf everyday and pick up fresh seafood and mussels and we would be reprinting menus daily in a rush before we opened.
                    ps- we also did not have a mircowave on site! not having a freezer takes enormous dedication and work, but gord never does things the traditional, easy way! thats why he's one of the best.
                    will probably never work in such a place with such a talent again...
                    i have not visited lot 30 yet, but i am now tempted to make the trip from halifax to visit old staff and eat his amazing food!

                2. re: finelydiced

                  Three of us ate at Lot 30 last night - excellent meal and service; nice presentation as well! I asked about their web site, and it is currently under construction and they expect it to be up by the end of September. I you get there, I suggest the sweet and sour pork soup or fish cake as an appetizer. I don't think you can go wrong with anything on their menu! Re you question on Dayboat, my wife and her daughter ate there after Gordon Bailey left, and they said it was definitely not as good as before.

                  1. re: seaview

                    Hi Finelydiced,
                    I spent 7 weeks in PEI this summer and I second the recommendation for Flex Mussels in Charlottetown. Dayboat I thought was just okay. If your trip takes you east try the Inn at St Peter's. The room is kind of weird but the view over St Peter's Bay is beautiful. Make sure to get there in time to watch the sunset ,either with a pre-dinner cocktail on the screened porch or ask for a table at the window. The food and the service are both solid. If you are headed to Victoria-by-the-Sea, try the Landmark for good home cooking. Have a great trip!