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Jun 21, 2008 12:26 AM

Brach's Loose (Bulk) Hard Candy Disks

Not that long ago most major supermarkets and super drug stores used to have kiosks filled with loose Brach's plastic-wrapped candies you could buy by the pound. Now I can't them anywhere. Safeway no longer has them, nor does Longs.

I'm specifically looking for Brach's Hard Cinnamon Disks and Butterscotch Disks in the East Bay, especially in the Oakland-Berkeley-Albany-El Cerrito-Richmond areas. And if anyone knew of places that sold them in one pound bags that would be fine as well.

I've been addicted to them ever since I used them to help me stop smoking back in 1991.

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  1. I took a look this morning when doing some shopping and the San Pablo Raley's had both the Hard Cinnamon Disks and Butterscotch Disks sold by the pound for $3.99. It's the San Pablo Dam Exit off I-80. Any Raley's / Nob Hill probably has them. There is a Nob HIll in Alameda. The link to the place record has the website for Raley's / Nob Hill so you can check if there are any other locations that are closer to you.

    Have you tried Lucky's?

    3360 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante, CA 94803

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      Thanks, RW.

      Re: Lucky Stores. After that Lucky's/Albertson's store across from Safeway on 23rd at San Pablo closed a few years ago I had forgotten that there were any Lucky stores left. Your suggestion reminded me that El Cerrito Plaza used to have one and there was one at that rundown shopping center in San Pablo near Dam Road. And Google indicates they are still there. I'll check them out, but it's great to know that I can score at Raley's. I know that Raley's on Dam Road, but have never shopped there/been inside the store.

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        Alberston's in El Cerrito Plaza recently became a Lucky's.

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          I love that Raley's. It is one of my favorite markets. They are somewhere between a Safeway and a Whole Foods. They have Safeway or better prices, a wider selection, and a decent organic selection. Today they had organic pineapples.

          Their produce department is pretty good for a supermarket and they always have at least one interesting thing each week.

          When the meat gets close to the expiration date, they mark it down. Look for 'Today's Special'. I once scored organic chickens for $2 each. The Saturday after Thanksgiving the fresh Diestel turkeys were 49 cents lb. Lately I've noticed the discounts aren't as deep, but I picked up two lamb chops today for $1.79.

          The staff is super too. They are just nice to everyone and know their customers. Once there was an older gentleman who got confused. They knew his name and helped get him home.

          1. re: rworange

            That expired Lucky/Albertson store across from Safeway was, of course, at Macdonald and San Pablo. My brain is not what it used to be.

            And Lucky in EC Plaza DID have the old Brach loose candy in bins. I scored 2 pounds of cinnamon and two pounds of butterscotch disks. Thanks for the tip about Rayley's. I'll definitely check the store out, it's only a mile or so from my house.

            As a training consultant I once had projects to write training materials for newly hired store department managers at both Lucky and Safeway. The departments I documented were Produce, Meat, and Deli. I know entirely too much about what those departments do to avoid throwing out old and/or expiring/expired meat and produce. It's not a pretty picture. It's simply what grocery stores have to do to stay in business and there's nothing wrong and or unsafe with their practices. It's just that when the practices are all written down in black and white it's a little creepy.

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        1. Dollar trees are selling the 1lb bag for $1.00IN OREGN AND WASHINGTON.