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SF Hound in search of grits

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I love grits: real hominy grits, cooked til soft and served with a healthy amount of butter. Simple, delicious, and seemingly impossible to find on the West Coast.

Enter my friend, who lives in DC and is planning a trip out west. Where would be his best bet to pick me up a small bag of grits? I don't want him lugging over a five pound sack, maybe just one or two pounds of really good stuff?

He lives near the capitol and has no car, so something not too out of the way would be good. Is there a good brand he can source at his local Giants, or does he need to look a little further?

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  1. I'm from the south and I'm just fine with the regular grits available at Safeway (Quaker, probably most often available). However, I think the "good stuff" is available in small bags/boxes at Whole Foods - close to either Clarendon metro or Friendship Heights metro.

    1. You can mail order from www.whitelily.com
      wonderful grits and good biscuit flour.

      1. I too would recommend that the easiest way to get the real thing is to buy some on the Net. I've not bought grits from them, but you may want to check into Calhoun Hams in Culpeper, VA, and buy some country ham while you're at it. Simply outstanding. http://www.calhounhams.com/

        1. You can get Anson Mills grits at Rainbow Grocery in SF.

          1. Thanks, all! Looks like I won't be burdening him after all.

            1. Quaker Oats grits are perfectly presentable. I just don't understand why grits are not more universal, and seem to be a regional thing south of the Mason-Dixon line. Afterall, all they are are ground corn - OK, so they are processed with lime water. I like them with butter (or spread substitute), onion powder, black pepper, and McCormick's Season All. They are great the next morning if you let them cool, congeal in the frying pan, refrigerate, then slice them into 1/2" thick slabs the next morning and fry in bacon grease or butter - whew! (Hope my doctor ain't reading this.) One of my favorite backpacking breakfasts, because it is so easy to make and light to carry, is to make instant (Quaker again) grits and throw in a tin of kippered herring! Protein and carbs for the trek back up or down the trail. Funny how doing so would shoo away the more annoying of the group and allow me to be in relative peace and isolation.

              1. I love the stone-ground grits you can get by mail from Early's Honey Stand.
                5087 Columbia Pike
                Spring Hill, TN 37174