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North Charleston Lunch?

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I'm familiar with downtown Charleston, but know very little about most of the suburbs. We have to meet a friend for lunch in North Charleston. He works in that area. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good lunch spot?!?! I think this may be a challenge, but would love a tip!

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  1. Well, there's EVO for pizza etc.

    Or there's Mikasa Dining room at Trident Tech, which is now serving lunch on selected dates. Check here for dates -- this a fun option, but may take too long for your friend's lunch hour.


    1. I would recommend Aunt Bea's for southern/comfort food, Sesame for burgers, Madra Rua for a good lunch and if EVO is open then go there for pizza. There are also a number of ethnic restaurants in NC if you want something a little different.