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Jun 20, 2008 08:36 PM

Columbus- near COSI


We will be in Columbus in July---on a Sunday. We plan on visiting COSI with our 6 year old. We prefer not to eat in chains--and our 6 yr old is a very well behaved and experienced diner. Looking for recommendations in the area.

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  1. Sunday is hard in Cbus as most of the quality options are closed, but you really can't go wrong with Lindey's in the German Village.

    1. what kind of atmosphere/menu are you looking for, what kind of taste/price perferences do you have? there is quite a vast array of highly recommendable places in this town i love so much! :)

      1. If you are looking for something unique and casual, visit the North Market. It's about 5-10 min drive from COSI. It's Columbus' answer to Pike's Market with lots of stalls selling different kinds of food, Barry's has the best deli in town, Jeni's the best ice cream, the Asian vendors are very good and I believe someone is renting out the upstairs space that used to be a resto and doing a buffet brunch. Everyone will find something to eat there, but bring lots of cash, you will spend more than you planned, and perhaps bring a cooler to bring items home.

        If that doesn't appeal, German Village (The Mohawk, Bananna Bean Cafe, Brown Bag deli) is close by. Avoid Katzinger's, their deli is crap and overpriced. Lindey's is very good, more expensive than the ones mentioned here. Their patio is lovely if the weather is cooperative. The Arena/Short North area is also close by. Casual suggestions would be Macs (a bar but I think your kid would be OK), North Star, The ones I mentioned will be open but don't just plan to drive around because a lot of these places are not open Sunday.

        Grandview is about 15-20 min away and my rec, Trattoria Roma, is only open for dinner, but very good There is a Jeni's ice cream a few doors down and I highly suggest you try some for dessert.

        1. Both Banana Bean Cafe and Lindey's are kid-friendly. If you do end up going to Banana Bean, make reservations beforehand; you'll need it.