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Breakfast in the Annex?

We've just recently moved to the Annex and am still exploring. What's good there for breakfast? We like:

-fancy things and ordinary things
-great lattes and coffees...

Any help would be great.. thank you !

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  1. not the reply you're looking for --

    but my favourite breakfast place in the city was in the annex (it's gone now)

    curiousity was the name.....best pancakes, french toast and lattes ever !

    so i'm hoping to read a reply here to rekindle me into this neighbourhood

    1. I like Insomnia (bloor, east of bathurst) for anything eggs (sunny side up, scrambled, omlettes, lorraine, etc.) though they do get quite busy. Perhaps for your first trip you should go early-ish (around 11:30). Reasonably priced, lots of food, good coffee.

      A bit pricier but good for fancier sandwiches, soups, and croques is Dessert Trends (Harbord and Brunswick).

      That's really all I can think of. I think Mel's is a bit heavy, By the way cafe is plain, and I can't think of anything else.

      Hope that helps. I highly recommend Insomnia.

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        Dessert Trends is really wonderful for brunch. Fresh juices and great coffee, too.

      2. A couple years ago I enjoyed a delicious fry-up at the Pour House on Dupont: http://pourhouse.sites.toronto.com/gr.... Although it was a couple years ago, I bet it hasn't changed much.

        1. Noon at Bathurst/Dupont was wicked - but also gone now. Grapefruit Moon has a great breakfast quesadilla

          1. There's a place on the corner of Bloor and, I think Brunswick. North side of Bloor with a patio on the corner. I've had breakfast there a couple of times and it was really pleasant. Nice spot to sit outside and the food is decent - omelets, eggs, that kind of thing. I wish I could remember the name - I'm sure someone knows what it's called.

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              By the Way Cafe - just remembered!

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                I think that's the By the Way Cafe. It's been a long time since I've been there, but I have fond memories too. www.bythewaycafe.com

              2. two places at madison and dupont - ezra's pound and frangipane. the former has pastries, lunch items, and great coffee. the latter is a patisserie and more dessert-oriented, but also serves croissants and such in the morning, i believe.

                1. it's a greasy spoon... vesta lunch (bath/dupont) has great brekkie and it's 24 hrs

                  1. Seconding the reco's for Ezra's Pound, Dessert Trends, and By The Way Cafe. Also like Insomnia, although I find the quality has slipped in the last year or so - it's still good, but it used to be much better. The Pour House is fine too.

                    I also like L'Espresso Bar Mercurio, at the southeast corner of Bloor & St. George - not much in the way of sweet stuff on the menu, but what they do have is good.

                    L'Espresso Bar Mercurio - duplicate
                    321 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

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                      The Green Room is a great place to hang out at. The service is absolutely slow. Extremely cheap. and a decent bacon and eggs. But its so laid back and comfortable you can spend hours there, just hanging out. Its behind the poor alex theatre in the alleyway

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                        I would be more inclined to characterize the service at The Green Room as snotty and arrogant rather than slow -- it's not so much "hanging out" as "left hanging" while the waitstaff willfully ignores you.

                        Granted, I only went there once, but I'm in no hurry to go back...

                    2. A "non-greasy" diner is Peoples (on Dupont just west of Davenport). No lattes or upscale stuff. Just solid, good food.
                      Expect a line-up at weekends.

                      Peoples Food
                      176 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M5R2E6, CA