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Jun 20, 2008 06:18 PM

Salad and white wine on a hot night?

OK chowhounders - send me someplace new. I have no air conditioning, and want to get out tonight with the DH for a nice salad and a glass of white for dinner. Don't want to break the bank - where should we go? We live in Hollywood, so something east side please... (I'm thinking something like the Alcove - i love their salads - but am a little burnt out on them...having been too often lately) Thanks!

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  1. What about the Kitchen on Fountain and Sunset? You can bring your own bottle of wine for a small corkage OR have some of theirs.

    Or what about the new organic Italian place, Andiamo, on Sunset? They have great salads, although I am not sure whether they serve wine. If not, I'm sure they don't mind if you bring your own.

    1. I don't know how deep you are in Hollywood, but I enjoy Bloom on Pico (just west of Hauser). They have a great salmon salad. Greens, pink grapefruit sections, shaved fennel and a nice hunk of salmon with delicious crispy skin, dressed with a citrusy vinaigrette. Very refreshing on a hot day. It's also BYO, no corkage.

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        Some may groan out there, but I wandered in Taix on Sunset for the first time ever last month to hear music (a musical favorite of mine was playing in their bar). It was hot that night and tried their California Ni├žoise salad and I liked it. Basically it's got a nice hunk of grilled (but rare on the inside) tuna steak instead of the usual flaked tuna. About 15 bucks. The portion was generous and the server was very nice. I ate inside the restaurant and it's kind of "old school," but you can order the food in the bar. Not a glamorous place, but it filled my simple needs. http://www.taixfrench.com/dinner_menu...

      2. Too late for Friday, but might help you for Saturday, which apparantly is going to be just as hot.

        Cafe Stella, at Sunset Junction, has good wine and salads on the menu, with outdoor seating.

        At Il Capriccio, on Vermont just north of Hollywood, they have a delicious salad with shrimp and spinach in a lemony dressing. Okay wines, definitely affordable. Outdoor seating also available.

        Lou on Vine is indoors, but they have a very nice wine selection by the glass, and "small plates," including a salad made of items picked up at the farmer's market.

        Websites below. The first is the best I could find for Cafe Stella:




        1. Blair's has a very nice chopped salad and a decent (albeit a bit overpriced) selection of wines by the glass. There are also some nice selections at Little Dom's.

          1. Not too too far west - Angeli Caffe has wine and salads

            Okay don't shoot me, but Fred 62 has some good salads and offers white wine, but you could BYO.