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Jun 20, 2008 06:02 PM

Best places in Waco?

I can't find a recent Waco topic, so here goes.

What's everyone else's favorite spots? Anything off the beaten path to try? Anywhere new open up?

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  1. From Austin, we met friends from DFW area in Waco for Father's Day. We had a good, traditional southern lunch at the Elite Cafe (famous for visits from Elvis). I have not had a chicken fried steak in several years so I ordered it as it just seemed the thing to do. It was the best I may have ever had. The gravy was flavorful and the breading held up well on the HUGE CFS. I believe that everyone in our party walked away happy. Afterwards, we went to Buzzard Billy's for a couple of drinks on the Brazos River. That place is a Razoo's type restaurant with a loud and happening bar.

    1. Timely topic as I will be in Waco for three days in July visiting family. Haven't lived there in 20+ years but do visit every couple. Is Kitok's still there? Still remember their rice & bulgogi. Good to hear about the chicken fried steak at Elite Cafe. Will keep that in mind. I was actually thinking of going to Babe's in Carrollton after reading about it on the board the last week.

      Spots I usually hit with the kids are Uncle Dan's, Ninfas, Schmaltz & Diamond Back for special occasions. I got the best cherry pie one year from some tiny specialty gift shop in downtown but was gone on my next visit. Where's the best place to get pies besides Marie Callendar's? Also, any other places even for one dish?

      One memorable meal in Waco last year: Took the kids to Dairy Queen & enjoyed their basic burger. Just not the same in California:-( It was just kind of cool to take the kids there for a burger & ice cream. Somehow, it just seems more down home, friendly, less chainish than going to a McDonalds. Aah, nostalgic memories I guess:-)


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        In the same general area as Buzzard Billy's, one will find Cricket's. Of the two, I prefer Cricket's. Their burgers are a staple when I visit Waco.

        If there are shoppers in your group, there are stores upstairs a few doors down from Cricket's. That's also a staple when I go to Waco.

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          Buzzard Billy's actually moved across the river from downtown now--where Dock's used to be in that building next to 35 that's built over the river. Just tried the new location and it's pretty good--the portions are huge, too.

          Big fan of Cricket's, too. Their quesadillas and CFS are divine...not to mention the beer selection.

          And yes, Dairy Queens here rock. I can't find a Dude (burger with chicken-fried steak) out of state. That's my favorite thing at DQ. :o)

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          Kitok's is still there. Looooove me one of their burgers.

          Buzzard Billy's moved across the river to Dock's old location--the one next to I-35 that hangs over the river. Just tried the new location and it's pretty good. The portions are huuuuge.

          Marie Callander's isn't even here anymore. Went out of business. I think the Cameron Trading Company? or one of the antique places downtown sells homemade pies, though. Haven't tried it myself, but that's the only pie place I can think of in Waco.

          (Oh, and the Dude--DQ's chicken-fried steak burger--is my favorite thing there. I can't find it out of state and that makes me very, very sad.)

        3. Bush's Chicken is the place for chicken tenders... fast and awesome sweet tea..

          1. Steph,

            You troll around here also? You know it's Jorge's on the Brazos, no?


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              Haha, yep--just found it the other day when I was looking for somewhere new to take my folks in town.

              And yes, I do enjoy the George's. A lot.

            2. Yum to Schmaltz's. My sister always wants to go there when she is in from DE. I also LOVE the Cathay House, the best Chinese food. My parents are big fans of Heitmillers off I-35 just north of Waco. I'm not a big steak lover so I think it is just ok (also they are renovating it now and the inside is kinda a mess). I love Rosa's. I know it is a chain, but it is delicious.