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Jun 20, 2008 05:25 PM

Totonno's: Coney Island vs. Yonkers store ?

I notinced in Totonno's web site that other branches of the famed pizza place are listed so has any one tried the original and the one in Yonkers ?? Any similarity????

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  1. The original is our favorite pizza place, and the others seem more like restaurants, I would say very little similarity. Not that I've been to the others. For some reason, I feel like they're not intimately connected, at least not directly to the family? I'm guessing they don't have coal burning ovens anyway.

    1. The reviews here are not favorable on Totonno's in Yonkers, but I liked them.

      1. We tried Totonno's in Manhattan and it was just ok, not great. We did enjoy Grimaldi's in Garden City (Long Island) although we prefer a ride up to New Haven for apizza. It sure tastes different up there!!

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          Oh, no contest, debmom, Pepe's is the best there is.

          Surprisingly, Racanelli's in Rye Ridge is realllly good Neapolitan pizza, almost (almost, mind you) close to Pepe's.

        2. I've never been to the one in Coney Island, but we lived near and always very much liked the one on 26th & 2nd in Manhattan. Went to the one in Yonkers a few months ago for the first time. It was also the last time. It was beyond horrible. And I'm pretty forgiving.

          1. The Totonno's in Coney Island was one of the first pizza joints in the US and they still use a coal oven. I highly recommend that anyone who calls themselves a pizza maven go taste the pizza at Totonnos or at any other joint that uses them--the difference between a coal oven and a brick oven is like night and day.
            In answer to your question, the Coney Island joint uses a coal over and the the restaurant in Yonkers does not. End of discussion.