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Jun 20, 2008 05:24 PM

Breton restaurants in Paris?

Besides Chez Michel, would you recommend any other restaurants specializing in Breton cuisine? Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. L'Agassin, rue Malar. In general, it is hard to identify breton cuisine beyond the heavy use of flour in crepes and pastry, the generosity in butter. Basically, a lot of it is about super fresh seafood -- but that's the charm of Bretagne when you're there.

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    1. We found a great informal restaurant in southern Bretagne a couple of years ago - the specialities are oysters and whole grilled lobster (homard) with frites! They have a branch in Paris - L'Ecailleur du Bistrot in rue Paul-Bert in the 11th arrondisement. Homard-frites are nearly as good as in Nevez!!

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        Interesting, a block from my apartment, and the oysters were very good, but very, very expensive. Place friendly and not complaining, but price has kept me away since.