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Jun 20, 2008 05:18 PM


I'm going to Kenosha tomorrow and need a good place for a good meal. Please help!

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  1. Sorry it's too late to help you, Lawn Boy, but if you find your way back to K-town try one of the following: Mangia for 4-star, innovative Italian, Ray Radigan's or the Hob Nob for classic, well-prepared supper club fare, TG's Sports Bar for great food and a friendly, unpretentious crowd, Ron's Place for solid food and a fun bar & grill atmosphere, The Spot for what many claim is the best fast food burger (although I'm more of a Kewpee's guy myself), or go where I go - Little Europe Schnitzel House right on I-94, and have the Old Prague Schnitzel or the sauerbraten. I hope you had a decent trip!