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Jun 20, 2008 05:15 PM

Square One?

Anyone ever been to Square One in Santa Barbara? I'm thinking of taking my fiancee there tomorrow.

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  1. It is very hot up here now - an outdoor table at Elements across from the gorgeously lighted at night Courthouse might be another choice to consider. We rarely have warm evening downtown due to the marine layer coming in late afternoon so it is fun to take advantage of the outdoor eating spaces when we can without having to huddle around a heater. Cafe Buenos Aries and Arts and Letters Cafe are two others that have romantic outdoor dining spaces.

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      Thanks for the tip glbtrtr. We didn't realize that it was the Summer Solstice Festival so it was an added bonus to the weekend. We ended up eating at olio e limone for lunch and bouchon for dinner. Both great food.

    2. We went for my birthday dinner. Food was great, service lackluster (esp. with only one other table in the place). Some menu items were not available to us, as our server told us they were changing the menu the next day. I had 3 appetizers and was very happy with all of them - fois gras torchon, chopped salad and warm fingerling salad. Hubby had teh abalone and an Australian Yellowtail, both of which he loved. Lovely bottle of Tru de Bonde(sp?) Grenache Blanc and Osseus Sauvignon Blanc. We only had a glass each of the latter, so walked out holding an opened bottle of wine (no bags available to us). I'd go back for the food, but may sit at the bar and hope service is better.

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        Thanks sbgirl, we decided to pass on Square One based on your post (about the space issue) and instead had great service and food at bouchon!

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          wow. i could not have had a better experience anywhere! the locally grown food was fresh and creative (don't miss the cheese and charcuterie plates!), the space clean and modern, the service excellent and the prices, extraordinarily reasonable. our waitress suggested wine pairings for each course and was dead on each time. this is a true gem not to miss in santa barbara. why the cheesy italian restaurant next door playing "that's amore" had a line around the block and we had no problem getting a reservation for six on a friday night at square one, is beyond me. i'll be back as soon as possible!