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Jun 20, 2008 05:12 PM

any suggestions for good restaurant(s) by 19 rue de berne

hello group staying at hotel cervantes with my wife and daughter all first timers any good ideas for meals within walking distance or interesting areas to explore ? thanks

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    1. It is in the 8th, No personal experience, maybe someone else can help. I found an interesting set of reviews at:

      He mentions Le Restaurant de Philippe et Jean Pierre, 7, rue du Boccador
      I found another while searching for seafood: Charlot Roi des coquillages see:

      1. We haven't stayed in this area for some time; a few places you should check out: Wepler, Aristide, Scarpetta (on your street) and Sarladais. None are "destination" restaurants, with the possible exception of Sarladais, but ought to be decent.

        1. thanks alot guys and girls we will try our luck with yoru suggestions