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Jun 20, 2008 04:27 PM


Rodney's or Starfish? Or other? I haven't been to either, but planning a trip soon..

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  1. Well, we like Oyster Boy.

    They always have a selection form 5 or 8 different places and you can sample them all on a plate.

    (have not been to Rodney's or Starfish, keep meaning to)

    1. I've been to Rodney's, Oyster Boy, Zee Grill and Starfish.....etc. Starfish is hands down the winner! Great selection of common and uncommon varietals from both the east and west coast as well as from Ireland ( Galway flats when in season), France ( Belon and Fines de Claire )etc. The French ones usually arrive on Thursdays. In addition to oysters they usually carry a selection of clams and sea urchins ( when in season )., Their kitchen is also one of the best in the city for 'fish dishes'. Look for Florida groupers, European wild sea bream and other exotic fishes from say, New Zealand. They also have a nice selection of white wine by the glass to go with the bi-valves.

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        I agree with the Starfish recommendation, but would also recommend Oysterboy or Rodney's if you're looking for a more casual environment.

        1. re: sloweater

          Is there a menu online (for Starfish)? I googled and couldn't find the restaurant site.

          I've been to Rodney's a few times. If this one's better, then that's a treat.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            Starfish's website is
            Rodney's is and Oyster Boy's is
            You can check them out and compare.

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Thanks. I've been to Rodney's but not the other two. Oh, despite my love of bi-valves, I'm ashamed to say I haven't tried the starfish.

      2. Starfish all the way. Mr Cheeze and I were just there (again!) this week
        Always fesh oysters, always great atmosphere
        Mr Cheeze isn't as big an oyster fan as I am, so he really appreciates Starfish's great selection of fish that is available and always very well executed
        Oysters the day we were there included: Bras D'Ors, malpeques, Galways (Ireland), Kumamotos, one from Maine and three of four others

        I have not been to Oyster Boy, but a good friend loves it - she has not been to Starfish
        Our group of friends stopped going to Rodney's about 2 years aso - we just didn't like the atmosphere as much as at Starfish

        1. Thanks for the input. We're actually going to check out Starfish during Summerlicious to get a taste of it.

          1. I would strongly back Oyster boy!
            Starfish is great as well, but i find it overpriced... He has definitely capitalized on his success by raising prices steadily over the years...
            If you are only going for oysters i would suggest Oyster boy but if you are looking for more (like sea urchin) Starfish will have whatever is available...