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Jun 20, 2008 04:23 PM

Hounds first trip to Boston--need direction!

Hi! DH and I are coming to Boston for the first time in the beginning of August. We live in Virginia. We are staying at Marriott Copley Place. I know nothing about Boston and just want to get an idea of things that I should not miss. We are huge foodies--we love most kinds of food but usually stick with cuisines that are somewhat mainstream--italian, french, steak, latin foods, sushi, and seafood tend to be our favorites, but we LOVE to try regional cuisine as well (we are somewhat adventurous!). We would like to experience at least one "special occasion" restaurant (price is not a concern), and unlimited regional favorites anywhere on the continuum from fancy to hole in the wall. Please, Boston chowhounds, help me to get started!!!! Thank you!

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  1. Hi alsky.

    I hope you enjoy your trip to Boston. Your post makes me think of a kind of interesting phenomenon … each of your questions has been discussed in some detail on other posts. I wonder if someday we’ll reach a ‘singularity’ in which all answers to new posts are ‘search the board’.

    Anyway, I’ll grab a clean slate to share some opinions.

    You are staying in a nice hotel which is very close to many, many other hotels. Therefore, the area immediately around your hotel has lots of dining options that are successful being convenient to people staying in hotels and are, with some exceptions, to be avoided.

    Boston is small, weather and health permitting you can walk anywhere. Mass transit (the T) is easily manageable. Cabs if money is plentiful.

    Italian – search for ‘North End’, Antico Forno and Pizzeria Regina are two favorites.

    Seafood – this needs to be your most serious research, no US city does seafood better than Boston. Virtually all good Boston restaurants of different cuisines prepare seafood well, so this is not just about picking restaurants but also how/what you order.

    Special occasion – my favorite is Prezza (also in the North End). Other popular options No. 9 Park, Troquet, Salts, Sorellina (one of the ‘close to your hotel’ exceptions). Search for these and you’ll see plenty of relevant discussion.

    Steak – search for ‘steak’, Grill 23 a favorite of mine (some controversy here, you’ll see, also near your hotel).

    Seach for 'Chinatown'

    Enjoy you visit. Tour the harbor islands; I think it is one of the most underrated Boston visit experiences.