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Jun 20, 2008 03:39 PM

need help - quick - SGV dinner

We've got a bunch of teenagers - maybe 10 - and a few adults and we want to go to SGV TONIGHT for a big family style dinner. Not Szechuan or anything too obscure...noodles and shrimp and dumplings. NBC? J&R? Anywhere big and casual and decent food to boot?



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  1. I'm assuming the ten teenagers will have ravenous appetites. Try the following:

    Tasty Garden (Arcadia): Hong Kong style food and drinks. Stuff here is just generally great. Lots of (non-alcoholic) drinks available. For more info:

    Dumpling House (Temple City): Northern Chinese-style food. Fish dumplings are a good choice, and they have a lot of soup noodles. Avoid the chow mein and fried rice dishes. For more info:

    Empress Harbor (Monterey Park): Classic Cantonese seafood. No dumplings at dinner. Everything is good, especially the soups but it may get a bit expensive for a party your size. For more information:

    Mei Long Village (San Gabriel): Shanghai-style food. Normally, I'd recommend J&J, but your party may be too big to fit inside that restaurant. For more information: