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Jun 20, 2008 03:32 PM

Alexanders - Cupertino

Going to a dinner here tonight. I know it is a steakhouse, but they have a lot of fish/seafood on the menu and I am not a big steak person. Worth ordering the non-steak items, or is it really just shine for steaks?

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  1. Sounds like you've gone online to check dinner menu. Yes, it's definitely worth ordering the non-steak items. However, the small plates items change. For example, the last two or three times I've gone, the lobster tempura was not available. However, on my last visit, the pork belly/escargot/cavier small plate (not on the web menu) was absolutely wonderful.

    The flops to our palates: mac/cheese side and beef trio entre (not on the web menu). The sides IMHO aren't up to the rest on the menu. The kid in you might like the cotton candy though.

    If you've never had A5 Wagyu, someone at your table has to order it so everyone can experience a taste. Besides, it's so rich, half is enough for most. I love to go with a large party so everyone can have a broad sample even if I am picking up the tab. Have an enjoyable time!

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      How was dinner?

      Alexander's Steakhouse
      10330 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino, CA 95014

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        It was pretty good. The good thing is that I wasn't paying and it was on an expense account, but we couldn't order off of the menu. The bad thing was that I am allergic to wheat, and therefore couldn't have anything with soy sauce in it. The comprises most of the appetizers that they were streaming out for the first 2.5 hours before dinner, and during that entire time, they only brought be one tiny piece of watermelon with tuna tartar. By the time dinner came around I was starving! The salmon I had was good, but a bit overcooked. The green beans were very good. My husband had the kobe beef which he said was very good. He also got to try all the sides on the menu, but i couldn't. he said the truffle fries were great, but I would have found them too salty. The creamed spinach was also a hit. Truffle mac and cheese and potatoes were - meh. Ceasar salad was good, crisp, flavorful, garlicy but not overly so.

        Desserts we had a trio. They did do a wheat free version for me, which was nice. Raspberry sorbet was not good at all. Had been prescooped an stored in the freezer too long - icy and freezer burned taste. The mango panna cotta was fine - nothing special and not as creamy as I prefer my panna cotta. Served with a mango chip and a passion fruit gelee - again nothing terribly special. Final dessert was a citrus salad served with strawberries and a balsamic sabayon. It was the best of the three, but there was no balsamic taste to speak of. My husband had the same mix, except a chocolate cake in place of the strawberry and citrus salad. His chocolate cake was meh as well.

        So overall, steak was very good and properly prepared, the fish dish I had was pretty good but not over the top. I would order fish again there if I were on an expense account. They were more creative than most steak houses, so I would return there if someone wanted a steak house experience. The desserts were clearly not worth it, and I probably wouldn't order again.

        Service was very present (we were in a private room), but strangely unperceptive. They had a list of things they had to do, so dishes were cleared, drinks refilled, but they would forget to actually see how people were doing - several people had to ask for plates for instance. I did call ahead, so I had hoped that they would accommodate a bit more, since they did have things on their regular menu that I could eat. They just didn't seem to get it until dessert. Part of it may have been that there were other people there that were "allergic" to wheat, but said "a little is OK." That was probably confusing to the restaurant when I couldn't have any at all.

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          Thanks for taking the time to write that great report.

    2. Went to Alexander's for a birthday dinner and was so disappointed that I canceled dinner at Masa's later in the week just so i can clear my head and palate. It is hard to say what was so wrong since the service was great . After a comp. glass of Cava , we were given an amuse or a savory mushroom custard which started the meal on the wrong foot for me. Tepid and salty, it had a strange mouthfeel. Then my partner ordered the prime rib and I had the Melange-a-trois which should have been a Bavette, a prime rib piece, and braised short rib. The Bavette was fine, but the short rib was a stew and a patty melt was exchanged for my prime. I guess because there was already prime on the table, but i wish they had asked. A $16 glass of Elliot Cab was tasty but one of the more modest glasses on the list. The sides of smashed potatoes and green beens were uninspired. We got out cheap at $150 but still felt slightly ripped off, tho the prime rib tasted great the next day (we took nearly 10 ounces home). I guess i have out-grown the steak-house type restaurant. Just seeing the huge slabs of meat being delivered to tables around was off-putting. he idea of a pound of meat in front of me used to be dream, now not so much.

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        Strange, because I've had somewhat of an opposite experience from you. I have enjoyed most meals I've had here, but the service was always very uneducated. They didn't check to make sure that the wines by the glass they served us were uncorked (one was), and one time we made sure to confirm that by their definition, a rare steak had a "cold, red center" but the manager came out after it was served and we showed the server that it was not what we ordered and said what we wanted was a "black and blue" steak.