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Jun 20, 2008 03:11 PM

Opinions on Red Light

New England hound here. I'll be in Chicago in mid July for a business conference. Thinking of taking a group of about 15 to Red Light. I understand it's Asian Fusion cuisine. Menu looks nice. What's the general sentiment on this board about RL?

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  1. Great food and atmosphere. One of our favorite restaurants. I highly recommend the peking duck, calamari salad, and the filet which is usually a special. I'm not so sure about the Asian Fusion tag. I think it is more upscale, creative Asian food.

    1. It think that you will get mixed review here...but I like it. I like the green beans and don't forget to save room for Jackie's chocolate bag (dessert). Its rich and ample enough to be shared by at least 2 people.

      Edited to add...other options are

      (1) Lao Sze Chaun in Chinatown. They have a private room upstairs. But this is a no frills--not sleek or posh like Red Light--place. Considered by many to be the best Chinese in the City and truly authentic. If you group is adventous and willing to step away from "American/Chinese" you have a winner. Also, many dishes are very spicy, so if you have people that cannot handle heat or if you have food allergies, I would not recommend this place. The prices are fair, if not cheap, so you would be able to have a complete feast to share at bargin basement prices. Highly recommend Tony's 3 chili chicken and bean curd with peanuts.
      Parking may be difficult as well. No valet.

      (2)Vermillion for Latin/India fusion. The only one of its kind in the city, beautiful room, great food, nice service. Same posh-like atmosphere as Red Light. I also recommend this if you are looking to stay within the fusion realm. I enjoy the fish with 16 spices and their lobster dish (I have yet to try) is the signature dish and the most popular.

      1. Love it. Drinks are fun. Food is excellent. Octopus/kimchee appetizer is great. Desserts are fantastic (especially the chocolate bag and banana coconut cream pie). I've got to go soon!

        1. I like it too. Have done many business lunches and dinners and always well received. Vegetarian menu is also great. Enjoy.