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Jun 20, 2008 03:02 PM

Ice Pan

anyone try this place out? they make ice cream on the spot for you. you pick the fruit and milk and then they turn it into "ice cream". its almost like freezing a smoothie. then you add toppings to it, a la pinkberry.

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  1. i thought pretty tasty and novel but not memorable enough to make me want to go back. my friend got a chocolate banana icecream mixture made from soy milk and i remember that tasted pretty good. the texture was a bit off, probably because it was thin, chopped up pieces of icecream piled/mashed together. it lacked the creaminess i'm used to. it was also pricey.

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    1. re: Quik

      I felt similarly. Maybe the other kinds of "milk" are better, but I found the soy-based one to be surprisingly taste and textureless. And it was something like 7.00 for the smallest one with a couple of add-ins. Scoops is tastier, more creative and about a third of the price.

      I also don't enjoy watching someone wrestle with my ice cream. You definitely feel like you need to tip your guy after he got a serious cardio workout making your treat.

    2. We had the strawberry with whole milk, and it was great! intense fresh strawberry taste that I haven't seen available anywhere else. I think it really depends on what combination you get. We'll be going back for that, if nothing else.

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        I have to say I'm not a fan of icepan. I went and just wanted to try the vanilla. If the vanilla is good, usually they have a good ice cream. Used whole milk and vanilla. Tasted like chemicals. Was gross and too over powering. Friend of mine tried the chocolate. Not good at all.

        Sorry won't go back, especially when the prices are over $5.

        1. re: huskyla27

          I completely agree with the vanilla flavor --- I got nonfat milk and I really liked the consistancy, but the flavor just tasted like vanilla extract.