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Jun 20, 2008 02:10 PM

Frozen cinnamon danish from restaurant supplier?

Our cafeteria sells the most delicious cinnamon danishes - they taste like a deluxe croissant in a round danish. I tried to find out where they are bought from and could only find out it's a place that sells to restaurant/businesses. Any ideas would be appreciated. I tried to google restaurant suppliers and food suppliers, but couldn't find the cinnamon danishes that I was told come 60/box.

I was able to buy 2 frozen danishes to bake at home. I don't know how to thaw them. I asked, but was told to either thaw in fridge or at room temperature, but I'd like to know a more precise method.

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  1. These may or may not be the danishes that you're looking for, but La Danoiserie (Montreal) does have wonderful ones. I wouldn't be surprised. They come frozen and pre-proofed. Do not defrost - stick them directly in the oven.

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      I think it's from Gordon Foodservice, but your link looks yummy - thank you!

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        If the cafeteria said its from Gordon Foods, then that's where they buy them. A minimum purchase from GFS is $500.00 worth of items.

        Maybe you could sweet talk your cafeteria to sell you frozen danishes on a regular basis.

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          Hi Beany,
          They didn't say it was Gordon Foods, I meant that I "think" it's from Gordon Foods. The cafeteria owner has no problem to sell me as many as I need.

          Hope they turn out well!

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            I will confirm that la Danoiserie is available through Gordon Food Services here in T.O.Let us know how they turned out!

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              Thanks for the info. Still don't know where the danishes come from, but they turned out great. Not as large as the cafeteria ... I asked and the lady forgot to tell me to pat them down every 5-10 minutes, so they don't rise so high and puffy.

    2. Never worked with frozen Danish, but as a rule you’ll need to proof them before you bake them. I suppose if your frozen Danish are smaller than the baked ones at the cafeteria, then you need to proof them to nearly double in size. If not, then thaw and bake.

      There are many different ways to make Danish dough, the original is a laminated dough (flakey), which is very high in fat (40% +/-) and requires a hot oven. Then of course there is a Danish dough that is made with Brioche style dough, can be high in fat, but does not need nearly as hot of a oven as a laminated dough. Then of course there is a type of dough that has a smaller amount of fat (no butter) and really is not‘Danish’, but is sold as a Danish. The type of dough will determine the heat of the oven. Too much heat and it can burn on the bottom, not enough and it will not rise fast enough and the fat will just melt.

      Preheat your oven to 360°f.

      After your Danish have proofed or are ready for the oven, brush with egg wash to help brown. You could skip this because you only have two Danishes and would use up a egg and some milk, which would leave a fair bit left over.

      Since it is from a cafeteria, I would assume that it is low in fat (probably little if any butter) and will do fine at 350°f in the middle of the oven. Make sure the oven is at 360°f before you open the door; place the pan in, close oven door and then turn down to 350°f. Depending on the size should take 12-15 minutes or so. When golden brown (nothing worse than anemic Danish or croissant) remove from oven and from the pan. If you had a number of Danish, I would suggest to brush them while hot with Apricot glaze, this would help the shelf-life of the Danish. Since not, allow to cool and eat! Hope this helps.

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        Thank you; my sister just told me the same, I need to allow them to rise first.