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Jun 20, 2008 01:32 PM

pescatarian baby shower menu

I'm hosting a baby shower for about 15 women and the majority are vegetarians and pescatarians. Being a carnivore, I have no idea what to serve besides a couple of different salads and a ceviche.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The shower will take place mid to late afternoon so I'm looking for easy finger foods that won't break the bank but something a bit more than veggies and dip.


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  1. cucumber finger sandwiches, smoked salmon with cream cheese and chives--either finger sandwiches or as a spread. Anything with tuna. Cake and punch, and you're good.

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    1. re: cocktailhour

      here the stupid question of the day...
      what exactly is a cucumber finger sandwich? Is it really just cumber between bread?

      1. re: hotsauce28

        Cocktail size bread or regular bread with crusts removed. Try to get pickling cucumbers. They are smaller and cruncher. Slice them thinly, butter or mayo both sides of bread, lay them on and season with Lawry's or similar season salt and voila!

        Another good tea sandwich is egg salad with fresh watercress chopped lightly and folded in...same bread idea.

        1. re: Gail

          Great idea! I didn't even think that they would eat eggs. =)

          1. re: hotsauce28

            Depends on their definitions of vegetarian. Are they lacto-, ovo-vegetarian or vegan or flexitarian?

        2. re: hotsauce28

          Benedictine Spread
          So many Kentuckians are grateful to Miss Jennie Benedict, a Louisville caterer, for creating Benedictine spread before the turn of the century. I grew up enjoying this famous green spread when my family would entertain. My mother would order green and pink loaves of bread from the bakery. She would cut off the crusts, slice the bread thin, and fill the green loaves with pimiento cheese and the pink loaves with this great Benedictine. These finger sandwiches were so colorful at her parties and club nights. I love my version, but admit that a dash of Tabasco added to the mixture makes it even better.

          1 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened
          1 tablespoon mayonnaise
          3 tablespoons grated cucumber, drained well with paper towel
          1 teaspoon finely chopped green onions with tops
          1 drop green food coloring

          Blend all ingredients together and mix well.

      2. This is a perfect opportunity to do a "tea". Several kinds of small sandwiches, as suggested. I love cucumber and cream cheese or butter; tomato, fresh mozzarella pesto; arams with hummus, roasted peppers olives and lettuces, smoked salmon cream cheese and dill, etc. You could also serve scones, lemon curd, a green salad and a cake. Add some hot and iced tea, maybe some champagne and sparkling cider, and all will be happy.

        I would probably avoid doing a ceviche, unless you're sure the mom to be will eat it.

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        1. re: milklady

          good call on the shellfish. Thanks, I didn't even think of the mom to be. oops..

          1. re: hotsauce28

            shellfish is ok, but fish that "cooks" in a marinade might not be appealing if she's pregnant.

        2. I pretty much always serve poached salmon at a baby shower. Not sure why but it is just my standard menu. I serve it with a dill yogurt sauce. I often buy it from a nice deli and make everything else. Considering the retail cost of a large whole salmon it isn't that expensive.

          1. In addition to all the cocktail sammy suggestions, perhaps

            mozzarella balls with tomatoes and basil on skewers with olive oil and balsamic

            crostini toasted covered with eggplant caponata and a little parm

            hummus on pita or baba ghanoush or falafel

            little parmesan frico cups filled with a little caesar dressed lettuce (like just bite size)

            grilled fruit

            roasted veggies

            blinis filled with caviar or eggplant caviar (those faux caviar recipes)

            stuffed mushrooms or tomatoes

            endive leaves stuffed with herbed cheese

            hate to sound dull, but crab cakes are always a fave

            shrimp cocktail ... another tried and true reliable

            1. hotsauce, I just thought of another tea sandwich idea. How about crab salad sand? Get either fresh or frozen, not canned unless its Costco's in the deli section, add minced onion and/or minced celery and enough mayo to bind it.

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              1. re: Gail

                When a friend of mine was pregnant, there were many kinds of fish she wasn't supposed to eat, so you might want to check on that. As someone mentioned above, egg salad may be a good option--I like it with fresh dill.