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Jun 20, 2008 01:21 PM

Where To Celebrate My Birthday...with Lobster?

I had intended to go to Hamersley's as we had an amazing lobster dish on my last visit in March. Sadly it's on the menu no more.

The lobster is not actually for me, it's for my grandfather who LOVES lobster and I want him to be able to have it when we go out Sunday night.

Other considerations: somewhat handicap accessible (grandpa has a walker); not noisy; valet parking; open Sunday for an early (6PM) dinner.

If you've been somewhere in Boston/Cambridge that has a great lobster option beyond the traditional steamed/grilled - please share!



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  1. Happy birthday, Heather! Too bad you can't spend it in NYC, where you can get Markt's amazing "lobster in the pan." Although I'm not a fan of the place, there's always the wood grilled lobster at Summer Shack. And although perhaps not easily accessible for Grandpa, B&G has been doing some interesting lobster dishes of late, although I don't know what's currently on the menu.

    1. Happy Birthday!! Would Anthony's Pier 4 be too corny? Might be sort of a sentimental thing if your grandfather is from this area.

      I wouldn't recommend the place for much; but great views, winelist..and I'm sure they could do a good job with a lobster.

      1. The pan roasted lobster at Summer Shack in Cambridge is fantastic!!! The sauce is spectacular.

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          I second it. I even use to get it when Jasper's was open in the North End years ago,

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            SS in Cambridge does lobster very well, indeed. And.... There is an accessible ramp for your Grandfather. Although it's not exactly quiet, we've been there with parties of 12 and the noise level was fine.

            Happy Birthday!!

        2. if asian presentation is an option, i'm a fan of the lobster in ginger and scallion served at Eastern Pier. A decent bar, an outside patio on the waterfront, and handicapped accessible, parking right there.

          1. Excelsior is having a "summer of lobster." They're offering pretty creative lobster dishes for $30 all summer long.

            I know some people are not huge fans of Excelsior,but my experiences there have always been pretty good.