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Jun 20, 2008 01:20 PM

SF - Kasa Indian - Castro

Had a pretty good lunch at Kasa Indian, newly opened this Wednesday in the Castro at the corner of 18th and Noe.

Kati roll - it pretty much resembles a small burrito, and is quite popular among the metro cities of India.

I had the (grass fed) lamb curry and another one with chicken tikka (grilled chicken with a modicum of spices).

The rolls are made to order, so if you love spice, be sure to ask for more green chutney !
The lamb curry was outstanding, and I asked for a small container of the curry to use as a dipping sauce.

The chicken tikka was a bit dry and under spiced, but I am hopeful that they will iron out kinks in the coming days and weeks.

The rolls are served with a mixed salad with raw carrots, radish, etc. as well as a small serving of raita - detected cucumber and mint.

2 rolls for $8.95.

They also have a Trippel and Kingfisher (Indian beer) on tap and a variety of indian sodas on offer, as well as wine.

I heartily recommend it and will definitely be back.



Kasa Indian Eatery
4001 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

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  1. Sounds great. Have you had kati rolls before? They sound good. What are Indian sodas?

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    1. re: rworange

      Yes I have, about two decades ago in Bombay, India. Strangely enough, at the time they were called 'Frankie's'. Old Bombay hands may recall this.

      In the distant past, India had an economy which was closed off to most multi-national companies, so they had their own versions of Coke, Sprite, 7UP, etc.

      The Coke equivalent was a drink called Thums Up, and Sprite was emulated by a drink called Limca.

      Ironically, in today's day and age these brands are owned by Coke, but they are still marketed and sold with the original brand names.

      Also available was a mango flavoured drink called Maaza. This drink is also available at Kasa, I think.


      1. re: rworange

        Sounds like something VIk's sometimes serves as a weekend special. They call it something else.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I think they call it lamb baida roti - basically an egg-washed roti.

          1. re: vinchar

            Sounds right. Good but all else being equal I'd rather have the roti on the side.

      2. I tried Kasa today on my way to a movie at the Castro. I had the chicken tikka masala and lamb curry roti. The roti is thicker than what I'm accustomed to from Southeast Asian cuisine; chewy and hand made. It's a clean sunny space. Not sure about all those metal stools, but I liked the metal TV trays, and the owner introduced himself, beaming, and gestured to his wife who was cooking.

        As much as I liked the roti rolls, I loved the fresh chopped salad and raita. Mango juice was perfect. Thumbs up, not the least because of the enthusiasm of all the staff, and because there's so few decent options in the Castro. Indian tacos is such a simple but good concept.

        This does feel like late night food to me. With any luck, they'll extend their hours a few nights a week.

        1. Quick update: I tried delivery from here a week or so ago, and had a very positive experience. I ordered a thali plate (choice of one or two entrees plus dal, rice, and condiments) with the lamb curry and a potato-eggplant curry which was one of the daily rotating vegetable options. I thought the lamb curry was tasty but a bit one-dimensional; the potato-eggplant dish was delicious. All together, with the dal, rice, and condiments, a well-rounded, fresh-tasting delivery meal. (I also ordered a mango juice, which I found much too sweet and wouldn't order again.)

          Delivery itself was fast, and the food came on a very sturdy and conveniently compartmentalized plastic plate.

          1. Another of my updates. Went for lunch today and they've improved on the rotis if anything - really flaky and buttery. They are close to or better than what one would expect in the Indian sub-continent.

            The two rolls I had were Aloo Gobi and Saag Paneer - the latter was slightly bland for my taste.

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            1. re: osho

              I've really enjoyed my few visits to Kasa. It's just a little bit out of my way, but worth it. Thanks for the update, this will motivate me to get back there soon.

            2. I had a kati roll with shulgum, a spicy turnip puree, one of the rotating specials. It was great. Tasting Table published the recipe a while back:


              Tasted the chicken tikka masala, excellent version, it's so much better when the chicken is grilled.

              Great place for a quick bite before a movie.

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I am not particularly a fan of Indian, but I really like Kasa in the Castro. I perceive it as being somewhat Americanized, but very tasty and pleasantly spicy.

                I've had several different Kati rolls and all were good, although I couldn't tell you what was in them. What I particularly liked was the tamarind sauce that comes with the samosa. I bought several orders for friends and got a big tub of the sauce which was great later with poached chicken breast. Their specials board is always tempting.

                My work schedule has me spending a fortnight at the Castro theater every year and I now know to make a beeline for Kasa and Tartine Bakery. Kasa is less than 2 blocks from the theater!

                1. re: chocolatetartguy

                  it's my main go-to place before/after a movie at the Castro.