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Jun 20, 2008 01:02 PM

What to eat at Graham Elliot?

Have reservations next Sunday and looking for recommendations for what we should eat at this place! Must tries? Anything we should avoid?

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  1. i would highly highly recommend the beef tenderloin tartare (really succulent, and seems to be called aout in tons of press as amazing), the tuna was also excellent but i think a more common dish, though i really enjoyed his take on it.

    for hot apps my bf really loved the risso and we both enjoyed the gnocchi, but i think the take on chicken wings (i just checked his menu and now it seems to be duck leg...but when i had it it was made with chicken)---anyway, that was an extreme standout. if i had to choose only one i'd trust his interp of the duck leg.

    i had the scallops and loved them, but depending on the variation of the halibut he is doing, the blt is shockingly good; so if he is doing that variation when you go (i tried it @ avenues) get it. anyway i love halibut so thats my pick, but im sure you'd like anything off that menu because its all very inventive esp when compared to typical sea offerings.

    on land im totally at a standstill because every dish is really good. the stroganoff is killer though, and i'm not sure ive read anyone not liking it, though a freind went for his anniversary last week and had the pork and liked it very much as well. all the reviews seem to mention how huge it is so if you have a big appetite it might be perfect or if (like me) you get lots of apps then it might be excess.

    i didnt have dessert, sadly, so i can't recommend anything. i was stuffed after dinner.

    have a great time!