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Best Chinatown Restaurant

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What is your favorite restaurant in Chinatown? Not Dim Sum or noodles. What's your favorite dish there?

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  1. It used to be Cantoon Garden but I think it's now Yogee on Chrystie. The tofu seafood casserole is excellent.

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      whats good at yogee? ive been meaning to try that place for a while (besides the beef stew noodles that everyone talks about)

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        Well the tofu seafood casserole was so good we had it three times in three days! Snow pea sprouts are as good as anybody's, as is the scallop fried rice. Ordinary sounding but very good is the chicken with black bean sauce. But I like the rice noodle logs with beef stew the best.

    2. When I ate Roast Duck over Rice at a restaurant on Canal St. east of Broadway, I thought that was the most delicious thing I had ever had. Try that one!

      1. Wonton Garden on Mott for sweet and sour roast pork stewed with noodles.
        Wong's on Mott (the one below Canal) for Roast pork omelet over rice.
        New Green Bo for soup dumplings, Shanghai over rice, and the shrimp over sizzling rice.
        Grand Manna Bakery on Grand for coffee and gai mei bao.
        These are all small places, nothing fancy but the above dishes are reliable and, for me, comfort food.

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        1. well, its in chinatown, so deserves to be mentioned... pho viet huong....best pho (the trick is getting the broth right) in manhattan. and 16 versions for $5 bucks each. unbeatable.

          I'd also mention that although its not the best in food - shanghai kitchen is excellent and most importantly for those of us with kids - very kid friendly. New Green Bo for example, with its industrial flourescent lighting and communal seating is not... and btw, the food at SK is very good, considering the competition.

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              Not everyone loves Wo Hop.

              Really cool retro decor, I like the hard-working and friendly waiters... but whatever you do, don't eat the food!!!

            2. Shanghai Cuisine Mulberry & Bayard. Amazing soup dumplings, delicious chicken noodle soup (with delicious veg my favorite) and great crunchy tasty shanghai crispy noodles.

              1. Goody's, 1 E. Broadway at Chatham Square. Soup dumplings. And don't be afraid to order off the menu; something you want not on the menu? Ask. if they can make it, they will.

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                  Goody's is out of business, hopefully just temporarily. It's been replaced by a Fuzhou style restaurant. Poster says they're looking for new space.

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                    Augh! Well then, I have no suggestions. My favorite Chinese places OTHER than Goody's are in Flushing (Forest Hills?), Bay Ridge or Midtown.

                2. Jobee on 3 Howard Street

                  It's the only Taiwanese place In NYC Chinatown

                  Love the Oyster Pancake, 3 cup chicken, Fresh Tofu w/ 3 Mushrooms and Stinky Tofu (available for takeout ONLY...apparently they are afraid the "smell" will scare off the white folks!)

                  But if you beg them in Chinese, they will serve it, stink and all....

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                    ohhhh they have 3 cup chicken, i love that dish

                    so jobee is decent? i have to make it down there soon then

                    1. re: Buddha Belly

                      Wow, 3 Cup Chicken looks great!

                      I wonder where the name comes from?

                      1. re: NYChristopher

                        I think it was that the seasoning ingredients, soy, wine etc. came to three cups. If you come across 3 Cup Frog you should jump at it.;)

                        1. re: corgi

                          thats right it comes from the ingredients which involves soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine...unlike alot of dishes the name translates to the exact same dish in chinese

                          oh and its awesome when done right

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                        didn't this place close down several times?

                          1. re: DarthEater

                            At least once. In its last incarnation it was sharing space with some kind of gift shop. Now the interior is redone and it looks like an actual restaurant.

                          2. re: Buddha Belly

                            Place link with menu ...

                            3 Howard St, New York, NY 10013

                          3. I wrote this over a year ago but I think it's still useful in sorting out the virtually infinite variety of Chinatown: