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Jun 20, 2008 12:40 PM


Does anyone know where I can find a can of Klim (powdered whole milk)?

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  1. There is powdered whole milk at Bulk Barn, bag your own. This is 100% milk, and has to be mixed in a blender (non-instant). Klim, which I have not seen, is Nestle's instant whole milk.

    1. In Seattle I've seen in a large Asia grocery, in cans that are nearly identical to ones labeled 'Nido'. Nido is widely available in Hispanic groceries. I have also bought it at Walmart. It is powdered whole milk from Nestle Mexico. Just be ware that right next to cans of Nido are cans of a sweetened drink mix aimed at kids.


      1. thanks for the suggestions -- I'll check out the Bulk Barn and look out for Nido.

        1. I'm looking for the stuff myself right now. LOL

          Did we ever find out if any stores in Toronto carry Nestle Klim milk powder? Wonder if T&T Supermarket or other ethnic grocery stores like West Indian supermarkets carry it in the GTA?

          1. Still searching for this stuff a year later. Can somebody please help me find some Nestle Klim Full Cream milk powder in the GTA???

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              Try Danforth Food Market - they carry a lot of West Indian food items...