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Jun 20, 2008 11:11 AM

queens hole in the wall

What is everyone's favorite hole in the wall restuarant in queens that ahs delicious food

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  1. Nusra Thai. Excellent, maybe better than Sripraphai.

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    1. re: NYJewboy

      I would hardly call Nusara a hole-in-the-wall.

    2. Favorite Hole in the Wall is Lao Bei Fang Dumpling House, 8808 Whitney Ave. What a dump but awesome Fresh Pork & Chives Steamed Dumpling at 8 for $2.00, no tax or tip. With soup add 50 cents. Hand Drawn Noodle Soup is $3.50 to $4.50.

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      1. re: Mike V

        Is this still open? Isn't it the one on the little bridge? The last few times I drove by it was closed. I saw one that looked like the same name somewhere in Flushing the other day, if I'm not mistaken.

        1. re: JH Jill

          I was there last weekend. It is located a block east of Broadway.
          Prices have gone up a bit though (twice this year; understandable due to the skyrocketing wheat prices).

      2. Very easily Chengdu Tian Fu aka Chengdu Heaven in the Golden Mall along Main St. I would by no means call Nusura a hole in the wall; that interior is about 1000% times more fancy than I ever expect from any place that I consume food at. Lao Bei Fang is open. I passed it two days ago. Annie's Roti Shop in Richmond Hill, Bosna Express in Ridgewood, Arzu in Kew Gardens/Forest Hill/Rego Park (does anyone actually know the borders of the three anymore???), and the Xi'an stall in Golden Mall all have a place in my whole in the wall loving heart though. Not to mention the other 20 or so places that are coming to mind when I start thinking about it.

        1. I guess hole in the wall means something else to me than it does to most of you.

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          1. re: NYJewboy

            I think hole in the wall means a cheap place where little attention has been paid to decor or overall aesthetics, may even look a bit on the dirty or dingy side, but manages to supply awesome food. Nusara is a relatively nice restaurant!

            1. re: Widmark

              The ultimate hole in the wall IMO is in the Bronx: Vernon's Jerk Paradise (if it's still there). Jerk chicken and pork. Simply the best I have ever had.

          2. Taste Good in Elmhurst.
            Xi'an stall in Flushing.