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Jun 20, 2008 11:09 AM

Bar Boulud

Going to Bar Boulud soon. Curious if anyone has been. Any suggestions on what to order? Thanks.

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  1. Their head cheese is excellent. My "meal" there was more a midnight snack, so I unfortunately wasn't able to try more, but the head cheese + flight of French reds + gratis gougeres was a pretty great snack.

    If I'd had more people with me, I would have also tried the pate grand-mere, pate grand-pere, the beef cheek, the pork belly, the sweetbreads, and the sausage in brioche.

    1. I haven't had the head cheese, but Daveena has impeccable tastebuds, so listen to her!

      I HAVE had both pates and they are both really darn good, as were the braised beef cheeks they had on last season's menu. To my taste buds, the pates are can't-miss.

      1. I loved their steak tartare when I ate there in March.

        1. I had the best cold platter of seafood. DELISH!

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              I went for brunch and posted a report, though we chose the non-brunchy/breakfasty options.


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                We had a very good meal at Bar Boulud this weekend. Pates were great, as well as frisee salad. Duck confit was excellent, but the beans did not work well with it. Overall a good experience. But due to the narowness of the place, and the lack of a waiting area or defined bar our 10 minute wait was quite unpleasant. Not a very comfortable feel to this place. I was happy to see Daniel himself in the kitchen. On a side not, if the "I beg your pardon" guy at the hostess desk reads this, I was not amused.